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BLACKMORES-Vitamin B Complex 75 Tablets


– Convert food into energy to replenish physical energy consumed by daily work
– Support the normal operation of the nervous system and effectively relieve stress
– Helps the production of red blood cells and healthy skin

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1 × Jamieson-Stress Relief Formula 90 Capsules

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BLACKMORES-Vitamin B Complex 75 Tablets
BLACKMORES – Mega B Complex 75 tablets

BLACKMORES Vitamin B complex converts food into energy, replenishes the physical energy consumed in daily work, and supports the normal operation of the nervous system, effectively relieves stress, and helps the production of red blood cells and skin health. In addition, the product does not contain yeast, gluten, wheat, milk derivatives, preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners, and is natural and healthy.

Product ingredients:
Each piece contains:
Vitamin B1 ——————————– 50 mg
Vitamin B2 ——————————– 30 mg
Nicotinamide———————————– 100 mg
Calcium Pantothenate————————————– 50 mg
Vitamin B6 ——————————– 50 mg
Vitamin B12 ——————————- 50 micrograms
Vitamin H ———————————- 50 micrograms
Choline————————————— 50 mg
Inositol————————————— 50 mg
Folic acid————————————– 300 micrograms

Suggested taking method:
Adults: 1 tablet daily, taken with meals, or as directed by your doctor
Children under 18: follow doctor's instructions only

– Vitamin B2 may temporarily change the color of urine to bright yellow, which is not harmful to the body
– Not recommended to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding
– If you have suffered from any illness or are taking any medication, please consult your doctor before taking it
-Certain products should be stopped at least 2 weeks before the operation, please consult your doctor before taking it

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