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Astkatta – Swallow Local Chicken White Crab Staple Jar | Joint Strengthening Formula 80g


– Use 100% free-range chickens
– Fresh bonito tuna: rich in DHA and EPA
– Fresh and sweet white crab meat: contains a lot of protein, strengthens skeletal muscles and promotes wound healing
– Prebiotics: strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, help digestion, and enhance immunity
– Lysine: boosts the immune system and improves respiratory health
– Mussels Extract: Contains a large amount of chondroitin, which can improve joint problems and prevent/fight arthritis

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Astkatta – Swallow Local Chicken White Crab Staple Jar | Joint Strengthening Formula 80g
Astkatta – Tuna & Chicken & White Crab Complete Cat Food | Strengthen Bone Health System Formula 80g

Astkatta from Iceland - tuna local chicken and white crab staple food jar uses 100% fresh hormone-free, pollution-free ingredients. Fresh white bonito tuna provides rich DHA and EPA, which is good for heart health; fresh and sweet white crab meat contains a large amount of Protein can strengthen skeletal muscles and promote wound healing, and added prebiotics, lysine and mussel extract, which can strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, help digestion, enhance the immune system, and improve joint health. No added carrageenan solidifying ingredients, grain-free, low magnesium and low phosphorus formula, in line with AAFCO nutritional standards, suitable for cats of any age and any breed.

Main ingredients:
White bonito tuna—————————————————— 28.65%
Free range chicken———————————————————— 29.40%
White crab————-————————————————- 0.588%
Supplements and Soups————————————————- 41.362%

nutrient content:
Crude protein——————————————————– 15%
Crude fiber————————————————————– 1%
Crude fat————————————————————– 1%
Moisture————————————————————- 85%
Gray——————————————————————- 3%
Taurine————————————————– 2,306.50 mg
Tricalcium phosphate———————————————— 1,749.23 mg
Vitamin A ———————————————— 384,378.23IU
Vitamin E —————————————————– 4.12IU
Vitamin B1 ———————————————— 15.7486 mg
Vitamin B6 ———————————————— 21.9571 mg
Vitamin B12 ———————————————– 26.8872 micrograms
Vitamin D3 ————————————————— 329.5IU
Zinc sulfate monohydrate—————————————— 0.8238 mg
Red iron oxide————————————————– 0.8238 mg
Copper sulfate pentahydrate—————————————— 0.8238 mg
Manganese sulfate monohydrate—————————————— 0.8238 mg

Suggested way to eat:
Adult cat (3.5kg): 2-3 cans daily
Kittens/pregnant or nursing cats may need more: 3-4.5 cans daily
*Please make sure cats have clean drinking water when eating

Expiry Date :
January 27, 2027

Weight 0.109 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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