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Astkatta – free-range chicken blue back salmon staple food jar | immune-strengthening formula 80g


– Use 100% free-range chickens
– Fresh blueback salmon: Provides rich DHA and EPA
– Prebiotics: support gut health, digestive function and gut health
– Ginseng extract: Promote appetite and enhance absorption
– Seaweed Extract: Provides anti-aging support and strengthens the immune system

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Astkatta – free-range chicken blue back salmon staple food jar | immune-strengthening formula 80g
Astkatta – Chicken & Sockeye Salmon Complete Cat Food | Strengthen Immune System Formula 80g

Astkatta from Iceland - free-range chicken blue back salmon staple food canned food uses 100% fresh hormone-free, pollution-free ingredients. Fresh blue back salmon provides rich DHA and EPA, and adds nutrients such as prebiotics, ginseng and seaweed extract. , it helps to stimulate the appetite, strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, help cats digest, promote appetite, enhance nutrient absorption, and is antioxidant, anti-aging, and enhances the immune system. No added carrageenan solidifying ingredients, grain-free, low magnesium and low phosphorus formula, in line with AAFCO nutritional standards, suitable for cats of any age and any breed.

Main ingredients:
Blueback Salmon——————————————————– 5%
Free range chicken—————————————————— 58%
Supplements and Soups————————————————– 37%

nutrient content:
Crude protein——————————————————– 15%
Crude fiber————————————————————– 1%
Crude fat————————————————————– 1%
Moisture————————————————————- 85%
Gray——————————————————————- 3%
Taurine————————————————– 2,141.17 mg
Tricalcium phosphate————————————————– 4,176.47 mg
Vitamin A ———————————————— 311,219.93IU
Vitamin E —————————————————– 3.82IU
Vitamin B1 ———————————————— 4,873.10IU
Vitamin B2 ———————————————— 8,153.28IU
Vitamin B12 ———————————————— 24.96 micrograms
Vitamin D3 —————————————————- 304IU
Zinc sulfate monohydrate——————————————- 0.76 mg
Red iron oxide———————————————— 0.76 mg
Copper sulfate pentahydrate——————————————- 0.76 mg
Manganese sulfate monohydrate——————————————- 0.76 mg

Suggested way to eat:
Adult cat (3.5kg): 2-3 cans daily
Kittens/pregnant or nursing cats may need more: 3-4.5 cans daily
*Please make sure cats have clean drinking water when eating

Expiry Date :
January 18, 2027

Weight 0.109 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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