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要迅速補充益生菌,可根據自己的情況選擇合適的益生菌補充劑,如孕婦益生菌,兒童益生菌等產品。益生菌補充劑中值得推薦的有JamiesonPROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS等產品,能有效改善體內菌群生態,副作用可忽略不計,是你保持健康與活力的法寶。Jamieson-Children's natural cherry-flavored probiotics: The formula contains 5 unique probiotic strains, which can provide children with 5 billion active probiotics to balance intestinal flora, help maintain intestinal health and promote immune cell production.維柏健 – 300億特強益生菌: 本產品特別採用先進微膠囊技術,有效保存益生菌於室溫的數量及活性,發揮最大功效,蘊含8種「好」的活性益生菌,為人體Take Probiotics以抑制有害細菌,強化消化系統和免疫系統的功能,專為長期因消化不良所致胃氣、腹脹、偶發性便秘和腸道不適的人士而設。Gogo Herbs保健品專門店精選Jamieson、維柏健等品牌益生菌補充品,所有益生菌保健品均為原產地進口,港倉現貨,歡迎聯繫WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 諮詢訂購!


Probiotics is vital to human health, and prebiotics is the food source for probiotics to survive and multiply. However, the unbalanced diet makes people lack prebiotics and reduces the number of probiotics in the human body. In addition, taking antibiotics, drinking, and mental stress may disrupt the balance of probiotics and pathogenic bacteria in the intestines, which makes negative effects on the digestive system and intestinal health. Probiotics include bacilli, yeasts, and 80% of lactic acid bacteria, which inhibit potential pathogenic bacteria, enhance the intestinal barrier function, inhibit inflammation and regulate the response of the immune system, and make the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system healthier.

Probiotics supplements are available in powders, tablets, capsules and gel capsules. Due to their health benefits for children, they are manufactured into chewable fun tablets for the pleasure of kids. In the food industry today, many infant formulas are fortified with probiotics. Some manufacturers even add these “good” bacteria to kids’ breakfast cereal, snack bars, and juice to fortify their health. More so, probiotics can be naturally found in some fermented foods and soy products. These foods include kimchi, yogurt, cheese, miso and tempeh.

To replenish probiotics more effectively, you could choose probiotic supplements that suit you, such as probiotics for pregnant women, probiotics for children, etc. And some probiotic products such as Jamieson’s probiotic supplements and so on can balance the ecology of flora in the human body effectively with negligible side effects, and that’s the key to staying healthy and youthful. Childrens Natural Cherry Flavoured Probiotics: This chewable, naturally cherry-flavored tablet would be able to gain the affection of kids! The formula consists of 5 unique probiotic strains, providing 5 billion active probiotics to balance the intestinal. The tablet can also help strengthen the immune system of children. Webber Naturals – Probiotic 30 Billion: With its advanced microencapsulation technology, this supplement is guaranteed potent. Containing eight strains of friendly bacteria to support healthy intestinal flora, digestive health, and immune system, the formula helps manage digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, and bowel irregularities. Gogo Herbs offer probiotic supplements from Jamieson, Webber Naturals and other named brands. We offer originally imported products at reasonable prices with Hong Kong delivery. Please contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 for more details.