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Probiotics improve immunity and maintain intestinal health

Probiotics improve immunity and maintain intestinal health

Probiotics are microorganisms that have multiple benefits for human intestinal health. You may find so many probiotic products on the market. However, the probiotic products contain different strains of probiotics and each probiotic performs a different function. We will introduce some basic information of probiotics here ,so that you use probiotic in the most effective way.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics, according to the definition of WHO(World Health Organization), are microorganisms beneficial for human body when taken in an appropriate amount. Probiotics promote nutrient absorption and maintain intestinal health by regulating the function of the host’s mucosa and the immune system or balancing intestinal flora. In this way, probiotics cultivate a single strain of beneficial microorganism or mixed strains of beneficial microorganism of clear composition. More than 100 trillion intestinal bacteria and microorganisms exist in the human intestine. They initially come from mother to child during pregnancy , delivery and breast-feeding, others come from daily food and the living environment. The good intestinal bacteria support normal function of immune system and digestive system. Taken in the right way, probiotics help build a healthy intestinal environment and prevent the harm of bad intestinal bacteria .

Health benefits of probiotics

1.Maintain digestive system function

The most well-known benefit of probiotics is improving gastrointestinal function. The probiotics in the intestine can effectively inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, help promote intestinal peristalsis, and relieve lactose indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and other common symptoms in life.

2.Improve weight management result

Daily probiotics supplement helps let stool and toxin out , lower BMI value and visceral fat. Therefore, the body slims and skins glows.

3.Support the immune system

The gut is the largest immune organ in the human body. Probiotics in the gut can activate immunoglobulins, enhance the body’s immunity, or help maintain cardiovascular health. Studies have pointed out that intestinal probiotics may maintain urinary tract and vaginal health and reduce hay fever attacks. Lactoferrin is added to some probiotic products, which have the effects of balancing the immune system, anti-infection, and regulating allergies. It can improve allergies and enhance immunity to bacteria and viruses.

4.Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Probiotics can break down bile in the gut, or help stabilizebloodcholesterol, keepCardiovascularunimpeded.

Probiotics from food

Yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, miso and cheese are rich in probiotics, but most of these product in the market are added with a lot of sugar or salt. Probiotic upplement through theses food comes with a burden. Moreover, it is difficult for probiotics to remain active and arrive at the intestinal tract. Thus, taking probiotics supplements product is a more effective way if you aim to enhance immunity and improve the intestinal environment.

How to take probiotics?

A common opinion suggests to take probiotics 30 minutes before meals for the best effect. It may allow probiotics to enter the body faster and have a higher survival rate in the intestine. However, some people believe that the digestive tract obtains many substrates after meals, which are more suitable for the survival of probiotics. And there are enough buffer substances to protect the normal function of probiotics from damage of choline and gastric acid.

Most probiotics supplements on the market are produced with special treatment of advanced technology, enabling them to resist heat, acid and alkali and remain active. As long as you take them on time every day for more than 3 months and at the same time take in enough dietary fiber (such as cereals, vegetables and fruits), probiotics will successfully reside and colonize in the body to play their role.

1. Supplement multiple strains of probiotics

Take 3-5 strains of probiotics at the same time and continue for over 3 months, so that probiotics have enough time to reside in the intestinal tract. If the physical condition does not improve significantly three months later, you should convert different strains of probiotics to find the most suitable ones.

2. Do not take probiotics with antibiotics

Antibiotics kill bacteria in the body , yet it can not distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so they kill probiotics as well. If someone is prescribed antibiotics ,he should take probiotics at least two hours apart.

3.Supplement prebiotics

While you take probiotic supplements, eat more vegetables and fruits, cereals, mushrooms and other foods rich in dietary fiber. Water soluble dietary fiber is the main source of prebiotics, and prebiotics are the main food of probiotics. Probiotics decompose prebiotics. Providing enough prebiotics will support probiotics to colonize and function.

Live bateria V.S dead bateria

Probiotic products can be divided into 2 kinds: added with live bacteria and dead bacteria. The live bacteria can colonize the intestinal tract, it performs longer effect in the intestinal tract. The effect can last for one to two weeks even after you stop taking probitic supplement. The dead bacteria products stop acting and disappear soon after you stop taking supplement. But with its small size ,dead probiotics better activate the body's immune system than live bacteria. Therefore, if you intended to modulate intestinal function, choose the live bacteria supplement; If you aim to improve immunity, then choose dead bacteria supplement.

Which form of probiotics are better?Capsule? Tablets? Powder? Soft candy?

The way probiotics are taken also has a great effect on the efficacy.

Tablets/soft candy: Tablets is the most common pills that heated powder are pressed into the shape of a round cake. The soft candy is more usual for children probiotics. Most probiotics are not resistant to high temperature (no higher than 50-60 °C). The production of tablet and soft candy goes through high temperature and pressure procedure, resulting in massive deaths of probiotics. So live probiotics are generally not used in the the table and soft candy probiotic supplements.

Powder: powder granules. The absorption rate of powder is the best, but powder is easy to stick in the mouth and esophagu. Live probiotics are easily digested by gastric acid and choline after it’s taken, so they hardly reach the large intestine alive.

Capsule: probiotics protected under the shell can safely pass through the environment with strong acid of the stomach, and intactly arrive at the intestinal.

Negative effects of probiotics

Some people may experience mild side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort, and abdominal cramps after taking probiotics, or even serious diseases.HavePatients with immune system problems or severe illnesses can only take special strains. Therefore, before purchasing probiotics, it is necessary to understand the product ingredients in detail or consult a doctor or pharmacist to avoid adverse reactions.

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Probiotics supplement recommendation

Jamieson - Probiotic 10 Billion | 130 vegetarian capsules

– Vegetarian capsules are easy to swallow, containing 14 strains of unique probiotics
– Balance the intestinal flora and improve digestion
– Help maintain the health of the immune system
– Relieve diarrhea caused by virus and diarrhea that happens during travel

G-NiiB – Immunity Pro 28 sachets

– Refined formulation especially for Asians
– Natural bacteria is added with prebiotics with high-temperature resistance, enabling the probiotics to reside in human intestine
– Restore microecological balance and improve immunity
– Clinically proven beneficial for patients of novel viruses
–Free of artificial flavor, pigment, gluten and GMO ingredients

Webber Naturals – Probiotic 10 Billion 40 capsules

– Strictly select 5 active strains
– Helps maintain intestinal balance
– Improve immune function and accelerate nutrient absorption

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