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Prevention of cardiovascular disease starts with daily habit

Changes in diet culture and lack of exercise among modern people have led to a significant decrease in the age group of the affected population. Cardiovascular problems especially love to find people with bad habits. In addition to behavioral factors, cases of sudden death often occur at the end of the year due to the sudden drop in temperature at the turn of the seasons. Let us not underestimate cardiovascular problems.questionfatal risk.

Common cardiovascular diseases

Common cardiovascular problems include blockage of the heart tube, abnormal heart rate, etc. Although there are specific drugs and surgical treatments for related diseases, once there are cardiovascular problems, as long as the situation is serious, it may lead to serious consequences. Therefore, prevention Better than cure is one of the actions that most countries will proclaim.

Influencing factors

constitute cardiovascularquestionThe main reason is that the blood vessels of the body are blocked by too much garbage, which leads to poor circulation of Qi and blood. The blood vessels where various fats or toxins accumulate are not limited to specific organs, but may occur throughout the body.

about cardiovascularquestionIn 2019, the American Heart Association issued a special principle of primary disease prevention, focusing on the above-mentioned prevention is better than cure, so that the public generally has good knowledge of the disease, so as to avoid the inevitable damage after suffering make up.

CardiovascularquestionPrimary Prevention Guidelines

1.Congenital risk factor
2.Family genetic inheritance
4.Matter of ageing

Acquired risk factor(controllable)

1.Smoking addiction
2. The three-high index is not ideal
3. Sugar addicts
4. Obese people
5. Lack of exercise
6. Poor eating habits

Advice on health care

you can start with the following good habits and take early precaution against cardiovascular troubles.

1.Quit addiction to cigarette or liquor
2.Take in enough vegetables, fruits and fish oil
3.Perform annual physical examination
4.Foster a good rise & rest habit and ensure adequate sleep
5.Properly engage in aerobic exercise

People arouse special attention

The elderly
Obese people
people take little exercise
Three high people

Prevention supplement for Cardiovascular heath

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