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        Prestige has been producing a large variety of waffles, biscuits, and energy bars snacks for more than 20 years. This Bulgaria brand is famous for adding exotic Bulgarian features in its snack while at the same time baking them with low sugar and healthy formula. These guilt-free Biscuit snacks from Prestige are bake without any GMOs, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives, making them safe and highly enjoyable for everyone with a sweet tooth. Gogo Herbs has brought to you numerous Bulgarian favorites, including the Low Sugar Oatmeal Yogurt Sandwich and also the Low Sugar and Low Salt Oatmeal Probiotic Sandwich Cake. These snacks are rich in probiotics and dietary fiber that can promote intestinal health, and at the same time, not harming your blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids level, making them the perfect choice when craving appears!