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         First founded in 1942, Ostelin is the first Australian company that focuses on manufacturing Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is a significantly multifunctional vital vitamin that assists in the absorption of calcium. It also acts as an assistant to help balance out the level of calcium and phosphorus in our blood vessels to maintain strong and healthy bones. Moreover, vitamin D is also responsible for promoting the growth of cells, neuromuscular functions, and strengthening the immune system all at the same time. The natural source of Vitamin D is through a chemical reaction that happens during sun exposure. However, it never hurts to get a little help from supplements of good quality! Founded in Australia, Ostelin specializes in developing Vitamin D and Calcium supplements that are suitable for different age groups. For example, an easy-to-swallow Vitamin D formula in liquid form and a calcium formula in a chewable tablet form. Every supplement from Ostelin is free from artificial colorings, flavors, or sweeteners, making it a desirable source of Vitamin D and Calcium to support health for everyone.