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Effects of staying up late on the body

Negative Effects Staying Up Late Has On Your Body

Lack of sleep and irregular sleep period are defined as staying up late. How often did you stay up late or stay up over night?How many hours do you sleep every night? Many people stay up late not because they could not sleep,but because they keep browsing the internet and using smart devices ,trying to call it a day as late as possible,even bed time as already come quite a while ago. Is that you ,why on the earth can’t we get rid of staying up later as if we are avenging the quickly past time?

Effect of Stay up late for revenge

Psychologist Adler said,when people are frustrated physically or mentally, they compensate the regretful feeling in other ways in order to erase mentally stress .People go to work ,go to school ,deal with lots of chores at day time,they will desire to spend as much time as possible on relaxation before they go to sleep.

This condition can be adjusted with three effective solutions:

1.Take several short breaks on the busy day time .You can relax your attention intermittently by taking a walk ,indulging yourself a little in appetite and games to avoid long lasting mental tension, in this case you can minimize negative feeling to compensate before you go to sleep.
2.Spend some time alone on day time.
3.Go to bed early.Do some reading if you don’t feel sleepy.

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Harm of lacking sleep

Lack of sleep can affect the neural function of the brain, causing forgetfulness, neurasthenia, and can increase the risk of many diseases, and can not repair damaged tissue. In addition, if you don't get enough sleep, your mood will be unstable, and you will be easily irritable or depressed. A sleep cycle is about 90 minutes. Between sleep cycles, it is possible to wake up naturally due to light sleep. If you are woken up by the alarm clock during the non-light sleep period, you may feel dizzy, so going to bed early and waking up naturally is the best sleep type.

Melatonin and Sleep

Of course, it is best to maintain a regular sleep pattern and have enough sleep. If you can’t do it for the time being, then you must pay special attention to nutrition and rest more, protect your liver, and adjust your sleep as soon as possible. When the surrounding light dims, the message of darkness will be transmitted from the optic nerve to the brain, so the brain will start to secrete melatonin, making people want to fall asleep. If the sleeping environment is not dark enough, it will affect the secretion of melatonin. Another substance that affects sleep is adenosine. The longer a person wakes up, the more adenosine accumulates in the brain, which is what makes us sleepy. During sleep, the brain clears adenosine.

Health target and nutrition necessary

Health target

The best mode of sleep is to establish regular sleep period and maintain adequate sleep hours.If this is not easily achieved at this moment,nutrition should be replenished, additional protection of liver should be taken.Try to adjust your sleep habit and take more rest. For stay-up-late veterans,the daily toxin accumulation destroys the skin barrier and accelerates aging.They should apply special care to diets.

Foods to avoid after staying up late.

  • Coffee ,strong tea will affect the sleep compensation after staying up late.
  • Sweet consumption at night will more likely cause diabetics
  • Greasy food increases digestion burden

Heathy food to resist effect of staying up late

Kelp: Kelp helps maintain healthy blood vessels, prevents constipation, and prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals.
Mushrooms: Contains selenium, which may help stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol.
Vinegar: Stimulates metabolism,balance the PH level of human body.Prevent human body from forming acidic nature.
Green bean: Detoxing
Sweet potatoes: Rich in fiber ,encourage the action of intestines and outlet of toxin accumulation
Lotus root: improve blood quality ,detox

Nutrition requirements:

  • Vitamin C: boosts immunity
  • Vitamin B: Improves neurotic system,metabolism ,immunity and energy
  • Vitamin A soothes dry eyes.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant

Recommended supplements

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