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Lutein is one of the carotenes that make up the macula and the retina. Since the human body cannot produce lutein on its own, it needs to be ingested from food. Lutein is capable of oxidation resistance, which absorbs and filters harmful glare, protects the retina from the damage caused by the blue light and the ultraviolet rays, and protects the microfilament of the eye, promotes blood circulation, keeps the normal eyesight, prevents or postpones the degeneration of eyes. What’s more, lutein can also inhibit the transmission chain related to cell inflammation, reduce the active oxidants from producing, and help regulate the immune system and inflammation. People who are prone to overuse of eyes such as office workers, people who work in the sun for a long time and the elder people need to supplement with lutein to maintain their eyesight. However, nowadays, many people have the problem of insufficient vegetable intake, leading to a lack of lutein, which can easily lead to premature eye aging, so it is very important to supplement lutein. Lutein supplements of Webber Naturals, Jamieson, and some other brands, are great products for the people who currently overuse their eyes.