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Liver health

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Liver health

        The liver has the function of detoxification, including the ability to break down alcohol, metabolize fat, detoxify both Chinese and Western medicines, etc. But the liver's ability to digest alcohol is limited. Excessive drinking will cause fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cancer and other problems. According to Hong Kong Department of Health, liver cancer ranks third among the fatal cancers in Hong Kong.

        To maintain liver health, you must first stay away from bad habits, like excessive drinking. Fatty liver mostly occurs when people drink too much. Also you should stop consuming high-fat foods. You can also purchase nutritional supplements for liver health that Gogo Herbs has selected for you, such as coenzymes, evening primrose oil, liver detox tablets, raw garlic, and Lingzhi extract. Healthy living is important to everyone. When the liver is damaged, there will be no significant discomfort, so it will be more difficult to detect. Once there is obvious discomfort, it may have already developed to a serious liver disease.