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L'il Critters

         L’il Critters is a children's health supplement brand under the bestselling vitamin gummy brand Vitafusion. L’il Critters understand that it is difficult for picky children to absorb a sufficient amount of nutrients from their daily diet. To help the worrying parents, L’il Critters extract various vitamins from fresh fruits like blueberry, cherry, and orange, and lock these precious vitamins with vital minerals from reliable sources in gummy bears that kids would undoubtedly love! No high fructose corn syrup, dyes, or gluten are included in L’il Critters’ formulas, making it a pure blessing for children to stay healthy and nutrient-balanced. You can now find both Immune C and the L'il Critters' bestseller Gummy Vites in Gogo Herbs! Both formulas are rich in vitamins and trace elements that provide children with daily nutritional needs, and at the same time, boost their immune system, cheering for the healthy development of children at every stage!