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Jamieson health product introduction and popular product recommendation

The ongoing pandemic made people recognize the importance of health. Yet, life goes on, and we all live a busy life even under the pandemic. Health supplement might be your cheat sheet to attain good health when three square meals nor eight hours of quality sleep is not guaranteed. Today, we will be introducing Jamieson, a renowned health supplement brand that is well-loved by everyone looking for a good health supplement!

Jamieson Review

Founded in Canada in 1922, Jamieson is the largest and most well-known health supplements brand in Canada. The brand insists on using only the finest and purest ingredients in its small-batch production. Their industry-leading 360 Pure protocols system also ensures the safeness of their products. Moreover, Jamieson is a certified pharmaceutical GMP company regularly audited by Health Canada, and its wild variety of supplement products could cover most of your health concerns.

Jamieson Probiotics

●Children’s Natural Cherry Flavoured Probiotics: This chewable, naturally cherry-flavored tablet would be able to gain kid’s affection! The formula consists of 5 unique probiotic strains, providing children with 5 billion active probiotics to balance the intestinal. The tablet can also help strengthen children’s immune systems.
●100 Million Pure Natural Probiotics Plus: Designed according to the unhealthy diet habit most city dwellers committed. The 14-probiotics packed formula can help balance the types of intestinal flora to assist digestion. These easy-to-swallow capsules are vegetarian-friendly.
●Adult 50+ Natural Extra Strength Formula: The formula helps adults over 50 years old with 10 types of probiotics that promote gastrointestinal digestion and protect the human body from viral infections.

Jamieson Vitamins

●Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Kids: Kids will love these all-natural gummy tablets! The fruity gummy promotes the healthy growth of children with an adequate portion of multiple vitamins and minerals.
●Women’s Multi-Vitamin: The formula consists of multiple vitamins, minerals, and herbal essences to satisfy the daily vitamin needs of women. The addition of lutein, lycopene, cellulose also added antioxidant features to the supplement to enhance immunity and fight against aging.
●Adult 50+ Full Multi-Vitamin: Consists of multiple vitamins and minerals, every capsule contains 100% of the daily vitamin needs for the 50+ age group. The formula also promotes better chronic conditions and protect the eyes with its strong antioxidant effect.

Jamieson Glucosamine

●Joint Bone Strengthening 500mg Glucosamine: The natural formula promote the regeneration and repair of articular cartilage tissue cells, improves joint function, and helps eliminate joint pain.

Jamieson Fish Oil

●Wild Salmon Oil: The formula contains both EPA and DHA. EPA is particularly helpful in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and, at the same time, dredge the cardiovascular. On the other hand, DHA helps coordinate nerve. It also maintains the operation of brain cells, which boosts memory ability and the ability to focus.

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