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Introduction of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

Introduction of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

The pandemic repeatedly breaks out ,citizens start preparing enough antigen test packs at home in case of the next outbreak of disease.You may find so many test packs in the shops .Regarding which brand to buy, you could select the ones on the common list approved by our government.

Introduction of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

This test reagent is for in vitro quantitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in front nasal cavity of Human. It can be used to preliminarily decide suspicious Covid-19 infected status , for people with continuous related symptoms for within 7 days and people asymptomatic by detecting the existence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in their body fluid in a quick manner. Children and teenagers under 18 should take the test under guidance of an adult.

Principle of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack is devised based on dual antigen sandwich method.The dual antigen sandwich method effectively minimize the rate of false negative result by the reaction mechanism that The specific antibody and antigen combine at the same time on bilateral side of the virus. Free from the influence of Rheumatoid factor and other interference,its specificity is higher than capture method and indirect method.Meanwhile,the sensitivity is enhanced.This is one of the best methodology to detect covid-19 antibody .

Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack qualification

CE certificate ,listed on common list of Covid-19 rapid test kit of EU, serving as one of the Covid-19 rapid test kits approved and dispensed by Hongkong government.

Origin of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack/science support

Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focuses on biological medicine in vitro direction .established in the June of 2005 . Enrolled at The Science and Technology Innovation Board in the stock market in 2019 Sep,the enterprise specializes in R&D ,production and sales of medicine and test product for public security . After years of development,Hotgen established R&D platforms of bioactive raw material used on in vitro diagnosis reagents,technology of Glycochain abnormal protein detection(glyco-catch),magnetism particulate immuno chemistry luminescence technology,Upconversion Fluorescence technology ,Colloidal gold immunochromatograohic assay technology,Enzyme-linked immunosorbent technology,molecule diagnosis technology, and device technlogy.The 8 mature technology R&D platforms contribute to a self-sufficient closed loop system of in vitro diagnosis R&D and production.As the the business of Hotgen grows prosperously ,Hotgen has founded group companies and they are hotgen(lang fang),hotgen(Ji lin ),Beijing Shunjing Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. and other subsidiary corporations.

Specification of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

1 nostril sample swab
1 nostril fluid collector
1 test device
1 instruction booklet

Distinction of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

  • CE certificate
  • Test by nostril fluid sample
  • Official test pack dispensed by Hongkong government
  • Complete a test within 15 minutes
  • Sensitivity 96%,specificity 99.13%

Test group applicable for Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

This test pack can be used to preliminary screen suspicious Covid-19 infection ,people have continuous related symptoms for less than 7 days,people without any symptoms ,and decide their possible infection status by detecting the existence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in their body fluid. Children and teenagers under 18 should take the test under guidance of an adult.

How to use Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

1.Please cleanse and dry hands before proceeding the test
2.Take out the swab from package ,pay attention not to touch the end for sample collecting .
3.Gently insert the swab in one nasal cavity as 1.5cm deep,until slight resistance is sensed.Inflict slight more strength to keep the swab clinging to the inner wall of nasal cavity. Rotate the swab there for 4-6 times,at least 15 seconds.
4.Repeat step 3 in the other nasal cavity with the same swab.
5.Open the sample tube by the wider entry side and place the swab sample into the sample tube.
6.Soak the swab in buffer reagent for at list 15 seconds, rotate the swab several times, and squeeze the tip of the swab for three times by pinching the sample tube hard
7.Keep pressing the sample tube hard and squeezing the swab ,meanwhile pull out the swab from the tube.
8.Close the cap of the sample tube
9.Take out the test card from the tin-foild bag and place it on a flat platform
10.Open the small cap on the front of the sample tube and drip 4 processed reagent onto the sample hole[S] of the test card.
11.Let it react for 15 minutes at in-door temperature,and observe the test result.The test result goes invalid after 30 minutes ,kindly keep track of time.
12.When the test is completed ,place all the test item into the biological safe bag and tightly seal the bag.The bag can be discarded in home trash.Please don’t repeat using a test pack.
13.Clean or sanitize hands again.

Test result reference of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

Positive: The observation window shows two red stripes, red or fushia strip respectively shows at C-line and T-line.It mean the antigen is tested positive in the sample.This test result should be considered as suspicious infection of Covid-19.
Negative:An only red stripe show at C-line(QC area),it may mean you are tested negative or the virus volume in sample is lower than the bottom limit of the test standard.
Invalid test result:C line(QC area) shows no indication at all,the result goes invalid.This may relate to incorrect practice of the test.Please take a new test pack and redo the test following though the instruction.

Special notice when using Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

1.This test pack is for in vitro use only. Before you start the test ,please read the instruction carefully.
2.Please only use the items provided in the test pack to carry on a test(including the swab and reagent).Please don’t substitute the reagent with any other reagent
3.Please check the package before using it .don’t use the test pack if there’s any breakage.
4.Please following the instruction carefully and don’t mix the reagent in different batches.
5.Don’t drink the reagent.If the reagent is swallowed by accident ,please go to the hospital immediately.

Advice of actions on test results

*What should I do if I am tested positive?
When you see both colored strips respectively show at QC line C and test line T ,you are tested positive .This should warn you of suspicious infection of Covid-19. Please follow the local disease control policy and take self isolation measure immediately. Contact a general medical practitioner or the health center at the same time. A PCR test will be performed to verify the test result and advice you the following arrangements.

*What do I do ,when I have a negative test result?
An only strip appears on the C-line(QC area) means you are tested negative of the virus .It’s possible that the virus volume is below bottom limit of the test standard at this stage of infection .When you have a headache ,migraine,fever and impairment of sense of smell and taste ,please contact the nearest public hospital and acquaint of your symptoms. To be be assured,you can always do a new test in 1-2 days to double confirm.The feature and symtoms is different at different stages of the infection.The test may fail to detect the virus at certain stage of the infection. We can’t emphasize the importance of social distance and hygiene measures too much.

You can buy here Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack.

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Recent information of Hotgen Covid-19 rapid test pack

Listed Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19 under MDACS

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