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How to Take Your Health Supplement for Best Result?

We all know that to attain good health, a balanced diet along with and a habit of exercising is the primary requirement. Yet, when we city dwellers live a rather busy life where three square meals or a sufficient 8-hours sleep appears to be luxurious, it never hurts to cheat a bit with a shortcut to maintain our wellbeing! Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now have a wide range of health supplements to choose from, making health maintenance an easy job for everyone!

The Importance of Health Supplements

Some people might think that we can sufficiently obtain nutrition through our daily intake of natural food, and it is not necessary to take the laboratory-made supplement to maintain health. Yet, absorbing sufficient nutrition from our daily diet might be easier said than done.

According to a survey conducted by Hong Kong Hospital Authority, about 50% of surveyed white collars are keeping an unhealthy diet habit, with 21.6% of interviewees admitting that they do not have three square meals daily. On the other hand, the data from the United States Department of Agriculture in 2011 showed that Hong Kong’s meat consumption per capita rank first in the world. The Behavioural Risk Factor Survey conducted by the Department of Health of Hong Kong also showed that 81% surveyed population eats less than 5 portions of fruit every day, indicating that most people are eating too much meat but too few vegetables. Besides, the heavy intake of processed meat also shown that a vast majority of Hong Kong people have rather unhealthy dietary habits. Moreover, with more people bearing food allergies, following special diet plans, or undergoing weight control, obtaining sufficient nutrition through our daily diet might be more difficult than we assumed.


Common Misdoings in Choosing Health Supplement

A precise formula of health supplements could aid us in complementing the vital nutrition that our daily diet is lacking. Yet, the effects of health supplements vary depending on how we take them and what do we take. The following are a few misdoings that people share when it comes to choosing health supplements:

  1. 1.Hand-picking your health supplement: We all have different health conditions and different dietary habits. It is hard to tell which health supplement is suitable for us if we hand-pick them without consulting a nutritionist.
  2. 2.Purchasing health supplements via an unknown platform: No matter making your purchase through an offline or online channel, avoid making buying decisions merely based on the price. Counterfeits are common even on the health supplement market, and taking those counterfeits might be harmful to your health.
  3. 3.Replacing traditional medication for health supplements: Health supplements can deliver nutrition, yet they are no medicine and contains zero medical property. Seek help from doctors when you are feeling unwell and don’t miss the best time to receive treatments.

Channels to Purchase Health Supplements

If you are seeking health supplements as your cheat sheet to attain better health, a health supplement platform that is under the supervision of a nutritionist, with a good reputation, and sells at a bargain price would be the ideal place! All health supplements on Gogo Herbs are carefully selected by nutritionists. Customers are encouraged to contact the professional nutritionist team via Gogo Herbs’ WhatsApp when they are having inquiries about picking the precise health supplement. Customers can also easily compare the price of the same product on different major sites thanks to the price comparison function available on Gogo Herbs’ website.

Classic Health Supplements Recommendations

  1. Jamieson Multivitamin Platinum Formula 65+ Capsules : Specially designed for seniors over 65 years old, each capsule contains 100% of vitamins needed for a day, also rich in lutein and lycopene, can enhance resistance and anti-oxidation, and can protect eye health and cardiovascular health .
Jamieson – Multivitamin Platinum Formula 65+ 90 Capsules
Jamieson – Multivitamin Platinum Formula 65+ 90 Capsules
  1. Weibojian – Glucosamine Chondroitin Capsules (500/400mg) [Extra strong formula] : Rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, effectively strengthen joints, protect and promote cartilage hyperplasia, the formula is easy to swallow without hurting the stomach, and vitamin D3 is added to relieve discomfort caused by joint degeneration.
  1. Swisse – Ultiboost Odorless High Concentration Wild Fish Oil 1500mg: Rich in natural omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA: EPA can maintain cardiovascular health, or help stabilize blood pressure, blood lipids and cholesterol; DHA can maintain brain cell health and eye health.
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