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How to nourish healthy hair

How to nourish healthy hair

The health of hair is hardly noticeable until hair loss and gray hair problems occurs. It is already late when you find the black and thick hair long gone .Hair is not only part to the appearance but also reflects the health condition .

According to the World Health Organization, elasticity, natural shine and free of dandruff define healthy hair. You can observe the dandruff, grease secretion ,stratum corneum , hair volume distribution and hair loss volume to determine if you are at the risk of unhealthy hair. The normal hair loss volume should be under 100 pieces at average everyday .If the hair loss falls within this range ,then it is normal.

Influencing factors

1.Unbalanced nutrition

Protein ,vitamins and minerals are three of the main producers of hair. Modern people often dine out, carry on fussy-eating habit, diet for body shape,easily incuring unbalanced nutrition.Without the necessary nutrition, hair loses its gloss ,becomes fragile and falls down. Moreover,when the body lacks vitamin B12 , Copper, Zinc and Iron, gray hair turns up early.

2.External force infliction

You pull the hair too hard or tie the band too tight everyday .The hair gradually falls in the long run, increasing the risk of hair loss.

3. Drug effects

Long-term use of drugs may cause body dysfunction and lead to hair loss and gray hair.

4.Family inheritance

Most men carries the family hair loss genes, resulting in their hair loss.The hair loss situation vary by person and may happen at different time.In the serious case ,people have a wide range of baldness.

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How to stop the prevent hair loss?

1.Proper hair care

Choose the right shampoo for your scalp type. When washing the hair, adjust the water to moderate temperature, and gently message the scalp with finger pulp. The hair dryer should keep at least 15cm from hair. Decrease the frequency of hair dye and hair perm, as the chemical materials hinders the growth of follicle and cause scalp inflammation and damage the hair structure.

2. Acupoints message

Acupoints message can improve the health of scalp,controlling hair loss and gray hair situation.The Shenting acupoint in the middle of forehead hairline,Baihui acupoint at the midpoint of the line between the tips of two ears and in the center of the top of the head. Fengchi acupoint below the occipital bone of the brain, at the sunken position parallel to earlobe. Jiaosun acupoint at the head position atop ears. Tianzhu acupoint situated at the sunken point of the outer edge of trapezius muscle on the neck, around 2cm away from the mid-point of back hair line,and the temple acupoint.

3.Take enough sleep

Ample sleep helps the body produce the important hormones for hair growth and meanwhile removes the unwanted waste ,strengthening the health of hair.

Hair strengthening and repair supplements

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