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How to maintain Youthful, Glowing Skin

How to maintain Youthful, Glowing Skin

If you attempt to hold the youth and gloss of our skin,you need to learn about the aging of skin.The main factors contributing to skin aging are internal factor and light influence.To be more clear ,they are the excessive volume of free radicals in the body and over exposure to sunlight,which darkens skin and deprives of its gloss.Is there anything we can do to reduce these damages?

The aging of skin

The aging of skin starts at around the age of 25. Abundant fat fill the the outline of your face when you are young.But when you reach 30 years old ,these fat start to shrink and shift,the gradual collapse of face will appear after that. Age appears on the face by creating under-eye puffiness and tear line groove.The excessive free radicals has to be blamed for aging,in other words ,the more radicals accumulate in the body ,the body is prone to age quicker.The free radicals continue attacking cells non-stop ,thus wrinkles arise on skin.

*So how do we fight free radicals and oxidant?
We can foster a good habit of taking more antioxidant food,such as vegetables and fruits of different colors .The naturally colorful vegetable and fruit can provide complementary anthocyanin and fight oxidant. That is to say, to fight oxidant is to fight the free radicals produced in the body.

*What are free radicals ?
When cells want to produce energy, they must rely on mitochondria, which are intracellular structures, to produce energy. When mitochondria use glucose to generate energy, they will produce an incidental product called free radicals. Free radicals are not good Waste can damage cells and even cell genes. At this time, it is necessary to remove these free radicals. The antioxidant enzymes in the body can convert free radicals into water and hydrogen and eliminate them. Studies have shown that phytochemicals and anthocyanins in many fruits and vegetables also have the function of removing such free radicals.

*Why protection from sunlight delays skin aging?
Light is a kind of electromagnetic wave,the shorter the wavelength, the greater damage to the skin. It is mainly the short wave ultraviolet that does harm to the skin.There are two ultraviolet,of UVA and UVB .UVB causes more damage to the skin,it leaves melanin . When you buy a sunscreen ,take a look at the SPF value.The SPF value indicates the ability to defend from sunlight.Higher SPF provides better protection.SPF50,for example can extend the sunlight protection time to 50 times.A functional sunscreen should include the SPF value and the UVA & UVB value on the package.

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Prevent and improve the aging situation

Reduce the exposure to direct sunlight

One of the skin care you should take at young age is protection against the sun.The sunlight damage accepted at younger age will also have affect on the appearance of skin as you grow.Start the sun protection early can reduce the light damage accumulation on skin.The light deepens wrinkles, so that protection from the sun not only maintains the skin tone but also fights skin aging. You should choose the sunscreen suitable for your skin type and make sure the even and adequate application ,especially when you are outdoor.You need to apply the sunscreen again after spending 4 hours outdoors to maintain the best function of a sunscreen.

Moisturizing care

It’s suggested to start the moisturizing care at around 20’s.Moisturizing is even more important for people of dry skin type.Moisturizing steps consist of hydration replenishment and maintenance. Generally you start with the hydration replenishment, for instance with the serums or toners .Then you lock the hydration in your skin with lotions or creams or other skin care products with a proportion of oil.Some mature ladies may seek help from advanced technology,they take extraction supplement and modulate the metabolism. A healthy diet is beneficial to fight aging. When you eat more vegetables and fruits and exercise more,at the same time the cells acquire ample oxygen to avoid the accumulation of free radicals.

Health target and nutrition necessary

Key elements for the healthy skin: Collagen, vitamins A, C, E, carotene, protein, soy isoflavone
Suggested food for healthy skin: Guava, Kiwi, cherry tomatoes, nuts, grains, germ, salmon, soy milk, papaya, pumpkin, green tea

Useful supplement recommendation

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