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Are you wearing a mask against pneumonia today

You may be worried about the current outbreak of the new pneumonia virus. Although there is little conclusive information about the virus, medical and public health experts reiterate that we must remain vigilant and take key steps to protect ourselves from potential infections, such as taking measures recommended by professionals and medical experts and using disposable masks .

Below we will answer some questions to help you understand this epidemic.

What is the new virus from Wuhan?

So far, what we currently know is that the disease is a coronavirus, which is a large group of viruses commonly found in animals. Coronavirus can make people feel uncomfortable, mild to moderate upper respiratory disease, and other symptoms include runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever.

How does the virus spread?

Viruses can be spread through human-animal contact, and then when someone comes into contact with the secretions of an infected person, they will spread from person to person. The confirmed case of the new Wuhan coronavirus is related to a seafood market in Wuhan that sells wild animals such as raccoons and deer. Experts believe that the source of the virus should come from wild animals, and then people who eat wild animals spread the virus through droplets.

Is there a vaccine now?

There is currently no vaccine available to prevent the coronavirus.

How to protect yourself from harm?

You can avoid getting close to the sick person, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and maintain good hygiene, such as washing your hands with soap and water frequently for at least 20 seconds to reduce the risk of infection. Since indoor infections are caused by poor circulation, it is also important to open windows to keep homes and offices well ventilated.

In addition, experts recommend avoiding staying in crowded spaces, because the more contact between people, the higher the risk of infection. If you feel unwell, stay at home and avoid contact with others. If the condition persists, please go to the hospital or see a doctor and tell them the symptoms.

Are masks helpful?

Medical experts definitely recommend wearing a surgical mask, especially when planning to go to crowded places, use public transportation or go to any type of market. Disposable surgical masks are the best choice (note that they are not activated carbon masks/paper masks/cotton masks/anti-pollen masks), because they are composed of 3 layers of filtering materials, which effectively block droplets.

Can I use reusable masks?

Although we do not recommend the use of disposable consumables, in the current epidemic situation, disposable surgical masks or N95 masks are your best choice. After wearing them, they must be properly discarded, because random placement will cause the virus to be exposed to the air. More likely to infect other people.

Note that reusable masks are ineffective, because cleaning them will vaporize bacteria (that is, make bacteria cling to particles in the air, and then spread to further places through the air), and most reusable masks are designed for small The hole may not be able to filter droplets at all, so we still recommend using a disposable mask.

How much do you know about disinfecting alcohol

Experts point out that in order to kill most viruses, disinfectant alcohol/alcoholic handrubs need at least 60% alcohol content (most of them on the market contain 60-95%). Coronavirus is an enveloped virus with a protective film on the surface, and alcohol can destroy it, so it effectively kills the coronavirus.

Is it okay to make alcohol-based handrub? Experts do not recommend this because they think it is very dangerous, because the disinfectant products purchased in the store contain emollients that can protect the skin, otherwise the hands are easily damaged, so please do not mix handrubs at home.

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