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Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly


At every stage of life, the body depends on Cardiovascular System Transport nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells throughout the body. Our circulatory system is also responsible for removing metabolic wastes, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogenous wastes that are harmful to overall health. In the long term, the cardiovascular system can help the body meet the needs of exercise, exercise and stress regulation. It can also help maintain body temperature (Klieman, Hyde, & Berra, 2006).

Unfortunately, normal aging affects the function of the human cardiovascular system. By the age of 70, Heart and blood vessels It hardens naturally, and it is difficult for the elderly to exercise vigorously (Olive, 2015). The current common heart problems in the elderly includeHigh blood pressure,Coronary heart diseasewithHeart failure(Olive, 2015). In addition to natural factors, most people in their 80s will have 30 to 40 years of medical, nutrition and exercise habits to maintain their current physical and mental health. Early comorbid diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, atrial fibrillation, peripheral vascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, emotional problems, and nervous system damage can develop into chronic heart disease with age (Klieman, Hyde, & Berra, 2006) .


now,Heart failureIt is a terrible universal heart disease, which accounts for a large proportion of the global mortality rate of the elderly.When the blood flow to the heart muscle is severely reduced or completely interrupted, a heart attack can result. This happens when the coronary arteries are blocked by the accumulation of fat, cholesterol, and other substances (collectively called plaque). As mentioned earlier, this accumulation does not form instantaneously. Generally, it appears gradually from childhood and only accumulates in the early 30s. But at the age of 50 or 60, these deposits can be harmful to the human body (Olive, 2015).

Therefore, the accelerated process of plaque causing arterial blockage is called arteriosclerosis. In general, when the arteries supplying the heart or brain are blocked by plaque, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke (Olive, 2015).

It is currently believed that chest pain or discomfort is femaleheart attackCommon symptoms of AIDS; but both men and women may feel nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath, which are reliable signs of a heart attack. From the above, we can see why people of all ages must take strict measures to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. Once older people suffer from heart disease, they can control their diet and lifestyle in many ways, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and other diseases.


Being active is the best way to slow the loss of muscle and maintain your aerobic capacity. Although where it is yet to be established that exercise reduces morbidity, exercise has seen nexus with decreased coronary risk factors, improved survival, and improved quality of life. This is because regular aerobic physical activity increases the body’s functional capacity by building strength, muscle mass, and bone mineral density (W & Bussy C, 2005). Favourable trends have seen a direct relationship between physical inactivity and cardiovascular mortality. Apart from physical body functioning, exercise also stimulates various indexes of psychological functioning that basically promote the mobility, mood, and emotions of adults over sedentary tendencies.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are also a go-to resort for older women and men hunted by heart attack symptoms. It is recommended that older adults take cognizance of their chronological age, their health status before choosing a fitness plan. The cardiovascular goal will always be evident in the rapid increase of strength, resistance, and flexibility of participating adults (Klieman, Hyde, & Berra, 2006).

Cardiovascular Health

Key vitamins and coronary artery health

Among other thingsVitaminsouter,Omega-3 fatty acidsIt is an unsaturated fatty acid that can reduce systemic inflammation. Therefore, it can reduce the risk of blood clotting, stroke and heart failure. A relatedFish OilExperiments on the effects of abnormal heart rate have shown that the consumption of fish oil can directly or indirectly affect the electrophysiology of the human heart (Daniel, Howard and Athur, 2015). This nutritional value is also reflected in capsules and liquid vitamin supplements, which may also enhance immune function (Dariush, Geelen, and Katan, 2005). Other sources of omega-3 fatty acids include walnuts, canola oil, soybeans, cereals, pasta, dairy products, and others containingOmega-3 fatty acidsfood.


Another step further in containing the risk of cardiovascular diseases involve the avoidance of harmful consumptions. A plethora of evidence now has it that dietary saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and trans-fatty acids cause plaque buildups and atherosclerosis. Consequently, it is recommended to consume more soluble fibres of 10 to 25 grams per day while reducing carbohydrate intake to less than 60% of total calories consumed (Klieman, Hyde, & Berra, 2006).

Excessive alcohol increases the risk factor for hypertension. It is widely recommended that women take 12 ounces of beer per day while their male counterparts opt for 24 ounces to curtail hypertension and heart attack symptoms (Klieman, Hyde, & Berra, 2006).


The road to perfect cardiovascular health always starts now. Older adults and young ones alike must be mindful of lifestyle habits and nutrition that results in plaque buildups of coronary arteries. Fitness is also for every age, irrespective of the pace. Older adults demand regular aerobic physical activity to foster a full-functioning circulatory system.


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