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Recommended nutritional diet and health supplements for young children

Health Supplement and Food Recommendations for Infancy Aged 1-4 Years Old

0-6 years old is a crucial stage for infancy and kids development, and some even point out that 1-4 years old is the most important stage for a child. At this stage, infancy will learn to stand, walk, eat independently, talk, and imitate. The intelligence, character, sensory perception of the child will also develop gradually at this stage. Apart from mental development, focusing more on nutrition intake could also guarantee a healthier physique when toddlers grow up! So your child can fearlessly discover all the possibilities from infinity to beyond.

Nutrition Needs of Infancy aged 1-4

The development of body and mind for children depends on a balanced nutrition intake: a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals can support a healthy immune system and bones, better brain and nerve system development. Kids will also build their dietary habits at the age of 1-4. Therefore, parents could take the opportunity to train their child to have a nutritional-balanced diet, which will be unimaginably beneficial to the child as they grow up. Below is a list of nutrients that are considered vital to kids aged 1-4:

  • Vitamin D : Enhance the ability of the intestinal system to absorb calcium and magnesium. It can also help balance out the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. At the same time, vitamin D can boost cell growth and maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Calcium : Encourage the healthy growth of bones and teeth.
  • DHA: Support a healthy nerve system and maintain healthy brain cells for brain development.
  • Vitamin C: Assist in the reformation of cells. Vitamin C is also a helpful nutrient to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Probiotics: Apart from maintaining a healthy digestive system, a healthy intestinal environment can also strengthen the immune system.

How do kids get enough nutrition?

Infancy at the age of 1-4 tends to show less resistance against new things. At this stage, if parents train kids to try out various nutritious food, the possibility for kids to be picky against food will be lower. And their ability to absorb abundant nutrients from food will be higher. Given that fruit and vegetables of different colors contain various vitamins and minerals, try to keep their plate colorful! Another approach is to set up rules like try one bite for whatever food place in front of them might be a way to start.

However, some of the nutrients that can promote the healthy growth of young children are not widely found in the foods that we eat easily every day; it is not easy to ensure that children can absorb enough nutrients in every meal in a busy time; To coax children to eat food they are not interested in is sometimes even more headache! With the help of high-quality naturalToddler health productsSupplementing enough nutrition for children has become a new trend in recent years. It is all because the current health products are designed to be easy to accept and eat by young children while taking into account the nutritional supply. Drop-shaped or jelly-shaped, making nutritional supply a daily pleasure!

Health Supplement and Food Recommendations for Infancy

  • -Charenda - High Purity DHA Fish Oil Soft Capsules for Toddlers: Fish oil is rich in DHA. This supplement used a molecular distillation method to ensure the purity of fish oil and eliminate all fishy odors. The formula can provide toddlers with sufficient omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA), with 50% of DHA!
  • -Jamieson - Natural Cherry Flavoured Probiotics for Children: This chewable, naturally cherry-flavored tablet would be able to gain the affection of a toddler! The formula consists of 5 unique probiotic strains, providing children with 5 billion active probiotics to balance the intestinal. The tablet can also help strengthen the immune systems of children.
  • -Jamieson - Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Kids: Kids will love these all-natural gummy tablets! The fruity gummy promotes the healthy growth of children with an adequate portion of multiple vitamins and minerals.
  • -L'il Critters – Immune C + Zinc Children Gummies: This product provides your kid with Vitamin C to support immune health, Zinc for cellular support, and lots of Vitamin D for bone and teeth growth.
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