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Dietary supplement brand

5 Health Product Brand Recommendations

Nowadays, dietary supplements are widely available around us. You can easily buy a supplement product online, at a grocery store, drug store or pharmacy. More so, herbal ingredients have become more popular among supplement brands. Some popular brands with herbal products include Jamieson, Webber Naturals, and Charenda. However, it has become tough to choose a reliable supplement product among many brands out there in the market. The reason is that most companies use advertising to trick customers into believing products are of higher quality than they actually are. Since supplement companies are poorly regulated worldwide, most manufacturers tend to make untested health claims about their product. This has caused consumers and providers to be misled by product quality.

It is important to select a top-quality brand when buying your supplements for your health sake. Many products contain filler that makes them taste better, seem cheaper or make production faster or easier. These additives make the product less effective and more costly for the consumer. Knowing how to choose top-quality supplements enables you to avoid buying health products with contamination, false labelling, and incomplete labelling. This article recommended five supplement brands that we have specially vetted. We choose these brands after reviewing them under specific requirements such as their manufacturing practices, ingredient formula, list of certifications, and the years of experience they have in the supplement industry.

Common Health Products and Benefits

Health products and supplements can effectively improve one’s health, quality of life and longevity. For example, nutritional supplements promote tissue growth and repair, especially in athletes. Some other dietary supplements also help to reduce the risk of disease. For example, research has shown that taking antioxidant supplements promotes immune function and resistance to illness and infection. Also, there are some health products that can help inflammatory conditions like joint pain.

Below is a chart of some recognized supplement products in the market and their functions.

Carnitine SupplementsFor Weight Loss
Protein and Amino acid SupplementsFor strength and power and promoting tissue growth and repair
Zinc SupplementsFor Boosting Immunity
Antioxidant Supplements (including vitamins C and E)For Boosting Immunity
Echinacea SupplementsHelps to increase general immune system function
Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin SupplementsFor Joint relief
Vitamins B6, B9, B12For Eye health
Omega 3 fatty acids/ Fish oilFor eye care and brain health.
ProbioticsActs as antibiotics for constipation, diarrhea.
Cranberry SupplementsFor women’s health (fights against unitary tract infections)

Trusted Health Product Brands 


Jamieson is arguably the most trusted brand in the whole of Canada. Their journey started in the year 1922. Since then, it has worked hard to provide wellness and supplement product in the purest, safest and most effective form. Today, Jamieson leads product innovation in Canada and exports its products to more than 45 countries worldwide. During our review of this brand, we were fascinated by two major features of Jamieson.

1.Jamieson is heavily certified and legally compliant. This implies that they have many certifications to verify that their standard manufacturing practices and product claims.

2.Jamieson offers one of the best range of natural supplements produced from herbs and natural ingredients. The brand does not only grow and harvest its herbs. It also has a high-specialist team that formulates its products.

Most Jamieson products are very affordable and easily accessible online and at retail stores. Their product labels contain all the accurate facts the consumer deserves to know. Some of their offerings include vitamin supplements such as Jamieson Vitamin A, Jamieson Vitamin C, Jamieson Vitamin D, Jamieson Vitamin B12 and much more. Jamieson also offers probiotic supplements for digestive health. They also have some Herbal extracts and botanical solutions like their Echinacea supplement.

Webber Naturals


Webber Naturals is one of the pioneers of Canadian health products. Since 1948, the brand has been committed to producing quality supplements with natural ingredients. Webber naturals have hundreds of acres of organic farmlands in Canada, where they get their herbal ingredients. Also, this brands ensures it tests its products for purity and potency before releasing them into the market. As a typical Canadian brand, Webber naturals has numerous certifications to back up its product claims. More so, they operate a high technology production line that is not only reliable but eco-friendly. Some top Webber Naturals products include the Webber Naturals Melatonin Capsules, which is effective for a refreshing night rest. The Webber Naturals Fish Oil Softgels is also good for the heart. Lastly, The Webber Naturals Lutein softgel formula helps to treat eye stress and dry eyes.


Kirkland signature is a supplement brand offered by an American company called Costco. Kirkland Signature was founded over 20 years ago. It provides a wide range of products from vitamins and supplements to bath and skincare products. We noticed that Kirkland Signature always strives to produce the highest quality products at good prices. We also discovered that most of their products (e.g., Kirkland Signature Daily, Mature and Children’s multivitamins) are currently highly rated by third-party testing companies. Some top Kirkland products for your health include the Kirkland glucosamine sulfate for joint health and the Kirkland 120mg whole fish oil.


Organika supplements is produced by Organika Health Products Inc. it is a company based in Canada. Organika was founded by Thomas Chin, who started the brand after using natural remedies to treat his own health issues. Today, Organika produces a wide range of health supplements and foods designed to promote good health and well-being for people worldwide. This brand also infuses natural ingredients in its products. They have a white ginseng product that helps maintain a healthy immune system. Organika also offers ginko biloba extract that helps enhance brain functioning and memory. 

Another notable product is the Organika Goutrin 120 Capsules that combines raw extracts of cherry, thyme leaves, celery seeds, mint leaves. This particular product is formulated to relieve gout and maintain joint health. The Organika brand has also successfully passed several Canadian product certifications to verify their health claims. More so, each of their product is tested a total of eight times to guarantee their product standard, safety and potency.


Charenda is an Australian brand promoting affordable supplement and wellness products. A notable feature about Charenda is that they use local natural ingredients to develop simple health solutions. One of their popular ingredients is the “superfruit” Kakadu plum. Kakadu plum Fruit is a powerful source of vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and a great source of folate, vitamin E and iron. This fruit is also native to Australia, and it is famous for its effectiveness against immune deficiencies, heart disease and eye problems.  

We also noticed that Charenda supplements have unique formulas. By looking at their product labels, you will always see the combination of nutrient-rich, natural ingredients. Some top Charenda products include its High-potency EPA adult fish oil for proper eye and heart care. You may also try the Charenda Celery Seed supplement enhanced with Blueberry and Kakadu Plum. This product can be effective to manage joint pain and maintain eye and urinary tract health.

Michael Yeung
Author: Michael Yeung

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