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Health Blog

Should middle-aged and elderly people eat health products?

* Deep-sea fish oil, regulate blood lipids, lower serum cholesterol, prevent cerebral hemorrhage and senile dementia, prevent cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. Prevent arthritis, relieve gout, asthma, and temporarily relieve swelling and pain caused by arthritis. *Lecithin, natural lecithin is an excellent emulsifier. It is called "the scavenger of blood vessels".

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Can teenagers eat to improve memory?

Teenagers are in their school days, and their brains are constantly receiving new things. If they want to replenish their nutrition, they can "replenish the brain" and enhance their memory and learning ability? *DHA, also commonly known as brain gold, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very important to the human body and is very important to the development and growth of the brain. DHA helps the growth of nervous system cells and enhances the efficiency of nerve conduction, so it is helpful for memory, thinking, imagination, etc. It is especially important for the development of adolescents’ intelligence and memory.

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What health products should women eat?

Need to nourish the ovaries, delay aging, regulate endocrine and other effects. Collagen protein powder. Vitamin E and Vitamin C. *Vitamin E is also called tocopherol, which can maintain the ovaries. Women with premature ovarian failure can take vitamin E, not just vitamin E, if appropriate supplementation of vitamin E. It can eliminate free radicals in the body, improve women's skin, and restore elasticity of women's skin, so that it can delay the process of female sexual organ atrophy, play an anti-aging effect, and can regulate immune function.

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How to improve vision?

To improve eyesight, we must mention the three important nutrients of β-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. β-carotene: It does not promote the formation of internal photosensitive pigments and enhance vision. β-carotene also helps the synthesis of rhodopsin on the retina, improves night vision, and prevents night blindness. Common food sources include green leafy vegetables and orange-yellow fruits and vegetables. Such as carrots, papaya, etc. Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Urban people keep their eyes on the screen of electronic products for a long time, and the retina is stimulated by blue light for a long time.

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How to prevent cardiovascular disease?

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is a nutrient that has attracted attention in recent years. Studies have shown that supplementing Coenzyme Q10 can improve the clinical symptoms of patients with heart failure and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular adverse events, which may be beneficial to patients with coronary artery disease. Almost all evidence proves that Coenzyme Q10 can improve myocardial function, so Coenzyme Q10 is widely used to control cardiovascular diseases.

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What should I eat to prevent memory loss or dementia?

*OMEGA-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is an essential fatty acid needed by the human body but cannot be produced by itself. EPA can prevent stroke or myocardial infarction, reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis. Regular consumption of Omega 3 can effectively promote the development of brain cells, improve the vitality of brain cells and improve memory.

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