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Green Organic

         Green Organic is a local brand that manufactures tasty dried fruits. The founder of Green Organic, being a Hong Kong dweller, understands it is usually a healthy eating habit that we sacrifice for convenience in our busy daily life. That is why the brand developed the freeze-dried technology, where fresh fruits are dehydrated under minus 20 degrees and get that crispy, tasty texture without using a single drop of oil. With the freeze-dried technology, the fruit’s original taste was well kept, and the nutrition of the fruit is also concentrated. Moreover, being preservative-free also made its snack solid proof that one does not need to sacrifice taste for health. Thanks to its light and handy package design, we can now all enjoy delicious and nutrition-packed snacks anytime, anywhere! Being a hub for healthy food, Gogo Herbs recommends Green Organic’s freeze-dried strawberry as an ideal snack to calm your snack-craving nerves.