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Natural Diuretic Vitamin B6


有些人會面臨體內水分過多的情況,這種情況被稱為“水腫”,這意味著他們不能將體內多餘的液體作為廢物排出體外。如今,造成人體內水分滯留的原因有很多,所以人們都在尋找可以去除循環系統中多餘水分的天然排水劑。在眾多治療選擇中,研究發現Vitamin B6It can remove excess water and promote water balance in the body. Vitamin B6 belongs to one of the 8 B vitamins group. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is soluble in water. In addition to acting as a coenzyme, vitamin B6 also helps metabolism, especially the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, the body cannot store vitamin B6. After the metabolism, excess vitamin B6 will be continuously released in the urine. Therefore, vitamin B6 may promote the excretion of excess water from the circulatory system.


Causes of Fluid Retention (edema)

1. Pregnancy

Water retention during pregnancy is a usual symptom. Hormonal changes during this period allow the body to relax to accommodate the baby. This change can also be faced by women on their monthly period.

2. Eating too much Salt.

Eating foods high in salt can cause water retention. Salt contains sodium and chloride. When you take in too much salt, your body has to break down the meal for a longer time to dilute it.

3. Inactive lifestyle

People who fail to exercise regularly face risk of fluid build-up in some areas of their body. This class involve overweight people and office workers who sit all the time. Exercising your joints regularly makes fluid pump back to your heart and around the body.

4. Medication

Side effects of some drugs can cause fluid retention in the body. They include some of the medications used for treating high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.


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Unlike diuretic drugs, Vitamin B6 is a nutrient gotten from food. Our body does not store this nutrient. So, we need to always eat Vitamin B6 rich foods to maintain a healthy level. Studies have discovered that Vitamin B6 reduces water retention in two ways. Firstly, Vitamin B6 helps to balance sodium-potassium levels in our system. A low sodium level with a good amount of potassium can increase urine production. Since vitamin B6 water is a soluble nutrient, our body always fluid out excess of this nutrient in the form of urine. This process promotes osmotic pressure in our system, making it easier for the kidneys to filter fluids and flush out waste rather than reabsorb it. So eating Vitamin B6 foods helps clear kidney pathways and make them function better. This way, patients can lose water weight the natural way without side effects

How Can I Take Vitamin B6?

Foods rich in Vitamin B include:

  • Poultry meat such as chicken or turkey;
  • Pork and beef liver;
  • Fish, e.g. Salmon;
  • Potatoes;
  • Peanuts, soya beans, wheat germ and oats;
  • Fruits such as bananas;
  • Milk and fortified breakfast cereals;

The average recommended intake for vitamin B6 are:

1.3mg daily for men and 1.2mg daily for women


Vitamin B6可幫助排水及緩解水腫問題。多補充這種Vitamins有助於加快新陳代謝的速度,並鼓勵身體排出多餘的液體廢物。選擇這種治療方法意味著患者不需要擔心它像其他藥物一樣的副作用。另外,多食用富含維他命B6的食物可以溫和地減緩水腫、腹脹和腫脹引起的疼痛。

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