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Definition of the three hypers

Definition of the three hypers

The Hong Kong Demographic Health Survey conducted in 2017 found that among Hong Kong people aged 15 to 84, over 50% people are diagnosed with one of the three hypers. People aged from 55 to 64 is the highest-risk group,more than 70% of the who has a medical history of the three hypers. The three hypers signify blood pressure level ,blood lipids and blood glucose level higher than the normal standard. Why do people with one hyper tend to have another hypers as well? Do you know why the three hypers cause heart disease and stroke?

Risk of the three hypers

The three hypers denote hypertension , diabetes and hyperlipidemia. They associate with cerebrovascular disease (commonly known as stroke) and cardiovascular disease(such as heart disease). They are causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and even death in the worst case.

In most people’s impression , obesity is likely to trigger the three hypers. Well it’s true. As the western-style eating habits prevails nowadays, the three hypers have come after young people as well in recent years. Some people are diagnosed with one hyper before they meet their 30’s.One hyper leads to the rest two hypers. The condition of three hypers and metabolic syndrome depend largely on eating habit. At the beginning, it’s possible that the surplus ingestion of grease and sugar causes hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia obstructs insulin from fully functioning. Under this condition, the blood glucose can not be resolved and used in cell. The accumulation of blood glucose causes the complication disease ,which is diabetes. Hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia harden the arteries and then the body secrets inflammation produce.,finally forming hypertension.

To figure out whether you have the potential risks of getting the three hypers, you can judge by checking if you have over three of the metabolic syndromes such as abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, fasting hyperglycemia, high triglyceride level, low high-density lipoproteins level ,etc. If you do have over three syndromes, you are expecting a higher risk as 6 times of getting diabetes than healthy people, also you are subject to a higher risk of getting stenocardia, coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy and myocardial infarction.

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Description of the common relevant disease


Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease.There is no cure for this disease ,and the treatment is to control it in the long term .The patient needs to moniter his blood glucose level all the time to sensitively notice blood glucose increase. Once the blood glucose level rises ,the glucose infiltrates the blood vessel and impair the eye and kidney, leading to retinopathy and nephropathy at worst. In this case, if a diabetic senses a sudden decline of vision,he should be warned of the poor blood sugar control. In addition, the diabetic population is not easy to scab at a wound and vulnerable to infection.If there is athlete's foot combined with the diabetes,the poor blood glucose control will allow chronic wound infection on foot.In the worst case,amputation will be operated to stop the infection from spreading. If you don’t want to get diabetics, you may start with the control of sugar ingestion and oil ingestion. With too much oil and sugar consumed,the function of insulin will be hindered ,sugar can’t be resolved and used in cell and finally stays in the blood which keeps pushing up the blood glucose level .

2.Heart troubles

Why does the harden and clogged coronary arteries lead to heart diseases? Coronary arteries delivers oxygen and nutrients to the heart. When this artery is clogged ,the heart should fail in a short time . This is the reason why the person may go into shock soon as the heart attack happens.Why will the artery be clogged? Because the blood fat builds up in vessel and hardens the vessel, on the other hand the hardened vessel obstructs the blood flow ,contributing to the increase in blood pressure. These cardiovascular diseases are closely related to blood glucose, blood lipids and blood pressure.


The blockage in the brain is not noticeable at the beginning. However, the blockage hinders the smooth blood flow in the brain vessels, therefore the blood pressure gradually rises. When the blockage occurs in small vessel and capillary in the brain, the vessel bursts due to the exorbitant blood pressure. Blood vessel hemorrhage in the brain is called cerebral hemorrhage, which is commonly known as stroke. Minor stroke results in facial nerve paralysis, hemiplegia or declined mobility. A severe stroke may lead to incapacitation or coma.This is because the nerve cells in the brain goes necrotic due to the stroke, which affects the whole body's action and perception.The cardiovascular problems shares the same mechanism with cerebrovascular problems and also can be attributed to the vessel blockage and hardening cause by troubled blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure. The effective way to prevent stroke is to control blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure and avoid having metabolic syndromes.

Prevention and improvement

The control over diet and obesity are the basic preventions to lower the three hypers. Regarding diet ,reject bad cholesterol and limit the take in of margarine food and fried food. Consume food rich in unsaturated fatty acid, for instance , fish oil and nuts. Eat less fried food and desserts. As for good source of starch, you can choose sweet potatoes and brown rice. Food in their natural form is healthier than their processed form.

Physical exercises are also effective ways to control the three hypers. It’s recommended to associate with cardio and core training when you take exercises. Aerobic exercises make you breath deeply. Aerobic exercises can enhance cardiopulmonary function . Core training such as dumbbell lifting and horizontal bar training can build muscle in prevention of Sarcopenia. The building of muscle stops fat from piling up, and eventually lower the risk of having the three hypers. Doing exercises can lower blood sugar, burn fat and control waistline. So that obese people who are prone to the three hypers should take more exercises.

Activating the PPAR activator in the body can also improve three-hyper situation. PPAR is the receptor of cell nucleus, it can clear the passage for insulin and turn bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. The inactivity of PPAR may cause metabolic syndrome. Red Yeast is satisfying for keeping the PPAR active.

Supplement recommended for people with three hypers

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BLACKMORES - Odourless Fish Oil 1000mg 400 Capsules
BLACKMORES - Sugar Balance 90 tablets

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