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Can Cranberries Support Urinary Tract Health?

According to statistics, urinary tract problems are the second most common problems for women in the world. If not handled properly, it will cause very serious consequences.

Over the years, particular attention has been paid to the protective effects of cranberries on the urinary tract. These studies show that inCranberriesThe polyphenols found in it help resist the adhesion of E. coli bacteria to the vagina and bladder. Urinary tract problems can occur in infants, children, and men, but are more common in women in general.

Women are more prone to urinary tract problems due to their body structure that is more exposed to external pollution. Studies have shown that more than half of women have experienced urinary tract discomfort in their lifetime, and about 25% women will have at least one recurrence. Sexual activity exposes the vagina to bacterial infections. And because women's vaginal opening is near the anus, wiping from back to front may allow bacteria to enter the urethra.

How Cranberries Support Urinary Tract Health

Common therapy is usually with antibiotics, but this method has proven to be unreliable. Because bacteria develop antibodies to antibiotics over time and then require stronger antibiotics, it will take longer to wipe out the bacteria completely. Based on this, therapists have become interested in several natural alternative treatments.

CranberriesIt is a sour red fruit commonly found in North America. Research has been done on the potential effects of cranberry products, with the most tested products being fruit juices and tablets or capsules containing cranberry extract or powdered fruit ingredients.

CranberriesContains a high concentration of polyphenols, which act as an anti-sticking agent when the body ingests cranberries. That is, they prevent bacteria from adhering to the vaginal or bladder walls. Once this works, frequent draining has a good chance of flushing harmful bacteria out of the body.

A 2013 study administered cranberry to 28 women with a history of recurrent urinary tract infection. The two-week consumption period showed a reduction in the overall numbers of E. coli in the intestine.

Cranberry consumption is inexpensive and is readily available as a supplement to a woman’s diet.Taking regular doses of cranberry supplements is particularly advisable in the period of menopause of and pregnancy in women. This is because women have weaker immunity during menopause. However, during pregnancy, the uterus expands and presses the bladder, making the latter unable to empty completely. Thus, cranberry consumption may be necessary to keep the bladder healthy and flush traces of bacteria.


Some therapists are investigating strategies that combine the effects of probiotics and cranberries to maintain urinary tract health. At this stage, research has not conclusively proven that cranberries can help reduce symptoms, but taking cranberries does help prevent and protect women's bladder health.

Michael Yeung
Author: Michael Yeung

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