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要合理地補充每日所需的輔酶Q10,建議服用營養補充劑。Gogo Herbs提供原產地進口的優質輔酶Q10保健品,香港現貨,如果需要訂購請隨時通過WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 向Gogo Herbs 客服諮詢。Gogo Herbs推薦輔酶Q10保健品: Swisse - Beauty Collagen Glow With Collagen Peptides 120 Tablets:提供高強度劑量的輔酶Q10以提供抗氧化支持,保護細胞膜免受自由基損傷,有助延緩衰老,使身體機能正常運作。維柏健 – 特濃輔酶Q10(100毫克):配方不含人造色素或防腐劑或甜味劑,加上不含乳製品或澱粉,有食物敏感者亦可放心食用。含有特濃輔酶Q10,有助活化心肌細胞,提升細胞帶氧量,維持心血管、皮膚和肌肉健康。維柏健 – 奧米加3 & 輔酶 & 植物固醇Q10:高效的奧米加3脂肪酸配合輔酶Q10,支持心血管、大腦和眼睛健康,同時具抗氧化作用,有效延緩衰老,維持身體機能的正常運作。特別添加了植物固醇,有助降低密度膽固醇和血脂。


CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is an important enzyme for the synthesis of energy in the human body. It exists in various cells of the body, and it is a vital nutrient that is responsible for converting nutrients into energy, fighting free radicals, accelerating metabolism, and delaying aging. Coenzyme Q10 mainly exists in the muscles, liver and heart. It can protect these organs from free radical damage, help maintain the health of cardiovascular, liver and muscle, and improve immunity and vitality. CoQ10 can be synthesized by the body or supplemented from the diet, but its manufacturing capacity will decrease with age. CoQ10 in the human body peaks at the age of 20, and it will gradually decrease after 30. For urban beauties who often stay up late to work, supplementing CoQ10 is very important as it can reduce free radicals produced by the body and maintain a youthful appearance. However, the content of coenzyme Q10 in food is so low that you need to eat a large amount of food every day to intake enough Coenzyme Q10 .

Most people can properly supplement coenzyme Q10. The coenzyme Q10 will gradually lose in the process of ageing. As a result, people over 40 are suggested to take an appropriate amount of coenzyme Q10 supplement. The appropriate daily amount of coenzyme Q10 should be 60-100mg for an adult. However, the following group should avoid taking coenzyme Q10 products: 1.Pregnant or lactating women. 2.People taking warfarin as treatment. 3.People under 15 years old.

To intake the daily required CoQ10 reasonably, it is good for you to take nutritional supplements. Gogo Herbs provides originally imported coenzyme Q10 health products with high quality. If you need to order, please feel free to contact Gogo Herbs customer service via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695. Gogo Herbs Recommends CoQ10 Supplements: Swisse – Beauty Collagen Glow With Collagen Peptides 120 Tablets. The high concentration of Coenzyme Q10 in this formula provides antioxidant support and protects cell membranes from free radical damage. It can delay aging and help the body function normally. Webber Naturals – Coenzyme Q10 200mg. The formula is free from common allergies like dairy products and gluten and contains zero artificial colorings and sweeteners. The product has a rich dose of coenzyme Q10, which can activate cardiac muscle cells and enhance oxygen content in cells to maintain cardiovascular and muscle health. It also provides energy to the heart, liver, kidneys, and skin. Webber Naturals – Omega-3 & Q10 w/ Plant Sterols. This product provides effective omega-3 fatty acids to busy urbanites for supporting their cardiovascular, brain, and eye health. And Coenzyme Q10 can maintain heart health with the antioxidant effect, protect cells from damage by free radicals and delay aging.