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Common Health Issues of Elderly and Guide to Senior Wellness

The rapid development of medical science promotes longevity. Yet, aging is still an unavoidable issue. As we age, our body might not be functioning in the same way as it used to. Hong Kong is a well-known longevity city. To raise the quality of life of one’s elderly life, why not learn more about the common health issues of the elderly and ways to promote senior wellness!

Cardiovascular Diseases

In fact, it is natural for cardiovascular function to gradually decline with age. After the age of 45 for men and 55 for women, the cardiovascular function will decline significantly. Although degeneration is inevitable, the report of the World Health Organization points out that the triggers of cardiovascular problems are actually poor diet, lack of physical activity, smoking and unhealthy drinking habits! These bad habits can lead to obesity, "unsatisfactory cardiovascular index" and other problems. Early correction is of great help in maintaining cardiovascular health! In addition to eating a balanced diet, staying away from foods rich in salt, sugar and oil, quitting the habit of smoking and excessive drinking, and cultivating the habit of moderate exercise, supplementOmega 3It is also one of the secrets of cardiovascular protection!

Webber Naturals - Triple Strength Omega-3: With no fishy-aftertaste, the natural and highly concentrated omega 3 in this formula supports cardiovascular health and healthy brain function. It can also protect healthy vision, skin and maintain a healthy mood balance.

joint degeneration

The second biggest health problem that causes silver-aged people the most headaches must be joint degeneration. The cartilage tissue between our bones will be lost with repeated friction. When the cartilage wears away and the joint nutrients glucosamine and chondroitin are insufficient, the soft cushion between the bones disappears, and the bones proliferate to fill the gaps, making us move "Bone grinding bone", resulting in pain and swelling. Maintaining a correct sitting posture and moderate exercise can effectively protect the joints. In addition, supplementing an appropriate amount of chondroitin is also a good way to protect joints! The main function of chondroitin is to maintain sufficient water in the cells, prevent cartilage loss, and repair the lost cartilage to strengthen joints!

●Viberkin – Glucosamine & Chondroitin & MSM: a collection of extremely beneficial effects on cartilage and jointsChondroitin,GlucosamineandMSMThe ingredients can lubricate the joints and make the joints more flexible. This formula does not add artificial coloring or preservatives and other harmful ingredients, while effectively relieving bone and joint pain and discomfort, and also helps prevent cartilage degeneration.

Memory in decline

According to the data from the Hong Kong Department of Health, one-tenth of the elderly in Hong Kong are facing problems related to mental degeneration, which will affect memory, comprehension, language expression, learning new things, calculation and judgment, and some even have emotions , changes in behavior and feelings. If you experience the above symptoms, remember to seek medical assistance immediately. Maintaining healthy living and eating habits, early management of various health problems, and participating in more brain-building leisure sports can maintain the health of brain neurons. In addition, taking more DHA and EPA, two brain-activating nutrients, can help maintain brain health.

●Jamieson wild salmon oil 1000 mg: Fish OilRich in unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA,EPAOr help to lower cholesterol and blood lipids, maintain cardiovascular health;DHAIt can coordinate the nervous system and maintain the health of brain cells, thereby enhancing memory and concentration.

Michael Yeung
Author: Michael Yeung

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