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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Supplements that help lower blood pressure

Use These 5 Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure has become a common problem among adults, especially above sixty-five. Generally, when it comes to heart challenges, the best advice is to prevent yourself from getting it in the first place. However, the second-best advice is to reverse heart disease in its early stages before its symptoms cause problems. Luckily, a person can lower pressure blood through natural ways with changes in diet (plus herbs and supplements), exercise and lifestyle. Unfortunately, most drugs used to treat high blood pressure are not as effective as expected. In many cases, blood pressure remains high despite these drugs, and in some cases, the drugs have actually caused heart attacks.

Which Supplements Should I Take For Memory Loss?

Which Supplements Should I Take For Memory Loss?

Memory decline (also known as amnesia) is a common challenge faced by almost everyone, including children, students, youth and adults. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your brain healthy. Studies have shown that with age, eating more certain foods, exercising more, and maintaining adequate sleep can greatly improve our brain health. So, what are the reasons for memory decline? How can we prevent memory loss through supplements?

Foods rich in omega3 fatty acids

Top Foods Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of fatty acids present in every cell of the body. Fish, fish oil and some rapeseed oil are good sources of this fatty acid. Today, there are a large number of studies supporting the role of omega 3 in infant development, cancer prevention, brain function, arthritis and other diseases. Because the human body cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids on its own, it can only rely on food to supplement it. You can consider adding these top foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to your food list to avoid omega-3 deficiency.

Child Health: Problems Caused by Poor Nutrition

Child Health: Problems Caused by Poor Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to a child's life. The child's body needs a high-quality diet. Parents must be aware that some of the chronic diet-related diseases faced by some adults today are caused by malnutrition in childhood. The primary task of raising healthy children is to guide children's healthy eating habits through healthy food. The following are some of the health problems faced by children due to malnutrition.

Benefits of taking omega3 6 9


Fat is an important part of a healthy diet and contributes to the normal operation of several basic functions in our body. For example, fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids can promote the healthy development of children's brain, eyes, and nerves. Studies have shown that taking omega3 helps lower blood lipid levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. There are many benefits of taking omega-3/6/9 and it is very important to everyone. What you need to do is to understand fats, understand their benefits, and foods rich in various fats.

fish oil

Fish Oil: Health Benefits, Sources, Side Effects, Dosage

Fish oil is a fatty acid naturally present in our body, especially in our cell membranes. Fish oil can be obtained by eating oily fish or taking supplements. Today, some studies have shown that fish oil plays an important role in the entire human body. There is satisfactory evidence that fish oil helps prevent heart disease, protect eye health and strengthen the immune system. Fish oil is also very important for pregnant or breastfeeding women, because it helps the baby's nervous system to develop normally.

Omega-3 fatty acids

What are Omega 3 Fatty Acids?  

Omega-3 fatty acids refer to a group of fatty acids that can be found in every cell of the human body. It is composed of 3 types of unsaturated acids-EPA, DHA and ALA. These three acids play a vital role in our cells. They can affect the function of cells in the body, and can also heal or protect cells from damage caused by inflammation. So how to supplement Omega-3 fatty acids? What are the foods rich in omega-3?

Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

What are the benefits of taking fish oil?

Fish oil has been a well-known name to most of us includes newbies to health supplements. The reason for its high popularity owes to its high omega-3 profile. Omega-3 fatty acids carry numerous benefits to our health, both physically and mentally. Today we will be looking through the nutrition value and benefits of fish oil so you can learn more about this health supplement superstar.