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Definition of the three hypers

Definition of the three hypers

The Hong Kong Demographic Health Survey conducted in 2017 found that among Hong Kong people aged 15 to 84, over 50% people are diagnosed with one of the three hypers. People aged from 55 to 64 is the highest-risk group,more than 70% of the who has a medical history of the three hypers. The three hypers signify blood pressure level ,blood lipids and blood glucose level higher than the normal standard. Why do people with one hyper tend to have another hypers as well? Do you know why the three hypers cause heart disease and stroke?

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman goes through three important periods of physical changes, the first trimester for the first 0-3 month of pregnancy, second trimester for the 4-6 months and the third trimester,which is also the last period of pregnancy for the 7-9 months. The health goal is to reduce the discomfort brought to pregnancy at different phases and supplement the nutrition needed for baby’s growth. The soon-to-be mom shall get prepared both physically and mentally and pay attention to control the the weight change in a reasonable range.

How to maintain Youthful, Glowing Skin

How to maintain Youthful, Glowing Skin

If you attempt to hold the youth and gloss of our skin,you need to learn about the aging of skin.The main factors contributing to skin aging are internal factor and light influence.To be more clear ,they are the excessive volume of free radicals in the body and over exposure to sunlight,which darkens skin and deprives of its gloss.Is there anything we can do to reduce these damages?


Health hazard of Overweight and Obesity

It’s astonishing that obesity might be a chronic disease of metabolism caused by single of multiple factor. Obesity which gradually become a serious threaten to people’s health is likely to lead to hypertension , Type-2 diabetic and cardiovascular disease. One the other hand ,the harm to mental heath of obesity can not be overlooked.The larger size of figure is not only a matter of look, it could also inflict stress and depress. It’s easier to feel inferior for people with obesity ,they rather stay alone and quiet than interact with people around.They tend to avoid participating in activity .And these unhealthy behavior may cause more serious harm to health than it seems.


Usage guidance on ARISTA Covid-19 antigen rapid test stick

The waves of covid-19 pandemic strikes so abruptly and brutally. Effective rapid test tool became one of the hotselling products to defend against the disease .However a wide variety of product are sold at different prices,but the effectiveness lies our first concern.We shed light on the selection of right kind of Covid -19 rapid test tool for you and your family .We will share detailed information of the acclaimed ARISTA Covid-19 antigen rapid test stick and its usage,allowing you to buy and use free of concerns.

Green Spring快測盒使用指南

GREEN SPRING Covid-19 rapid test kit

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic,people get used to waiting in long line at the test station in every district for nucleic acid test. An rapid antigen test kit is necessary for every family under the pandemic normalization circumstance. It not only saves you the trouble of congesting in a crowd but also decrease the risk of infection of close contact of a bunch of strangers. There are many self-test products for Covid-19 ,some brands are underqualified, some has limited accuracy.Gogo herbs recommends GREEN SPRING rapid test kit,this is atest kitwith many international certification.It’s easy to use and the test effect is satisfying .


Instruction of Abbott-Panbio Covid-19 antigen rapid test tool (Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test)

When the covid-19 related symptoms arise on you , you doubt about the infection, anxiously waiting for the official examination might as well take a self examination in advance as health care precaution.Among the numerous brands of Covid-19 rapid test kit,we suggest to select the brands approved on common list of Covid-19 antigen tests for personal use issued by European Commission.Gogo Herb here brings the qualified Abbott-Panbio Covid-19 antigen rapid test kit to you .It is suitable for people at any age.You can get the test result in 15 minutes.

YHLO rapid test reagent

YHLO Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit instruction

Self examination for covid-19 virus antigen has become an ordinary protection against the disease nowadays.Adults go to work , children go to school and the seniors step out home,they examine themselves to as a important precaution. As Covid 19 rapid antigen test kit is frequently used, it becomes usual as other disposables.It’s essential to choose a qualified test kit and use it in the right way. Let us introduce the feature and usage of YHLO Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit to you, so that you can test effectively at home and avoid the trouble and risk of infection testing in line.


Goldsite Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit instruction

The self test of Covid-19 antigen is one of the key guards to protect you and your family from the harm of the disease.Government appeals citizens to prepare rapid test kit and test themselves daily.There are many types of rapid tests kits in the market ,the price range varies so does the quality. Gogo herb will introduce CE qualified Goldsite Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit to you ,this will help get you well soon as possible.