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Vitamins That Support an Active Lifestyle

Vitamins That Support an Active Lifestyle

Athletes and those who exercise regularly have different needs for vitamins and nutrients. They need to use these nutrients to keep themselves in their best condition. To ensure that you are among the best in your field of activity, perhaps you should consider nutritional supplements. Taking enough vitamins to help you maintain energy balance, body function and metabolism, to support your energetic lifestyle

Winter vitamins

5 Vitamins to Take In Winter

People are most likely to get sick or catch the flu in winter. The sharp drop in temperature in winter causes our immune system to overload, so it is best to supplement with vitamins that can enhance immunity and anti-inflammatory. Supplementing more vitamins in our daily regimen will help us maintain good health throughout the winter. This article recommends several vitamins that can be properly supplemented in winter. In addition, it also provides some health tips, hoping to keep you healthy this winter.

Vitamins for Kids and Children's Health

Vitamins for Kids VS Children's Health

Children need vitamins for various reasons. Providing them with enough vitamins will help them grow quickly and healthily, and prevent disease risks by strengthening their immunity. However, they need balanced nutrition, rich breast milk and vitamins to help them grow healthily. Growth includes the breakdown and formation of new cells in the body, so if children take the right vitamins, they will help them form healthy organs and strong bones.



Vitamin D deficiency has become a global challenge. According to reports, eating foods rich in vitamin D helps maintain physical and mental health. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with various health conditions, such as depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and diabetes. Oral supplements or sun exposure can increase the vitamin D content, thereby improving these health conditions. This article mainly introduces 7 kinds of foods rich in vitamin D and their nutrients.


A, B, C of Vitamins: know your Vitamins.

Every day, the body requires vitamins in small amounts. Unfortunately, most vitamins cannot be produced by the body. So, we have to rely on our diet for a steady supply of these nutrients. A balanced diet is the major source of essential Vitamins. However, where it is difficult to get sufficient vitamins from your diet, you can rely on the intake of vitamin supplements to meet your daily dose.This article highlights the basic facts and benefits you should know about all of your vitamins.

The role of vitamins

Stay strong and healthy with the aid of Vitamins

Vitamins are in charge of the metabolism function of our body, and it is also a precious nutrient that bars us away from chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Vitamin is also a reliable mood booster, which can help ease stress and uplift our mood. During this pandemic situation, vitamin also acts as the guard to our immune system. Given that vitamin is such a vital nutrient, it never hurts to learn more about it!


Does Vitamin C Help To Heal Wounds?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant agent that helps in fighting bacterial infections. Its potency also extends to collagen production, which is necessary for the formation of skin and connective tissues. This article hopes to reveal the role of Vitamin C in healing wounds. Insight is also given on the standard doses of Vitamin C you need to stay hale and healthy.  

Vitamin supplement

Which vitamins supplement should we take at different ages?

Which vitamins should people of different ages supplement? Babies and children should be supplemented with adequate vitamin D and calcium to help their growth. From adolescence to adulthood, vitamin A and D should be supplemented to maintain the normal work of the oil line. Adults should supplement vitamin C to prevent oxidation, and the elderly need to supplement vitamin B12 to improve blood pressure.

5 anti-aging vitamins

5 Anti-Aging Vitamins to Stay Younger

Vitamins A, C, and E are very essential in combating the symptoms of aging. The same applies to other nutrients like such as beta-carotene, lutein , lycopene, and selenium. Unfortunately, our body cannot manufacture these antioxidant nutrients. We have to obtain them from plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. The size, portion, and kind of fruits and vegetables you eat determine the amount and type of antioxidants you enjoy.