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Immune System

The three major carotenoids

Top 3 Carotenoids You Need For Your Health 

Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Because of their many health benefits, some medicines, supplements, and children's foods are now fortified with carotenoids to make them more nutritious and attractive. There are more than 700 carotenoids naturally found in fruits and vegetables. However, there are only 50 substances recognized by scientists as being biologically important to the human body. This article recommends 3 carotenoids (lutein, astaxanthin, anthocyanins) that have positive health effects for everyone.


What You Should Know About Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that help fight free radicals in the body. Antioxidant ingredients can be found in the food we eat. Free radicals are compounds produced during metabolism. Once the number of free radicals is too high, it will cause "oxidative stress" reactions and cause cell damage. The antioxidant molecules help counteract oxidative stress in the body.

Upgrade Your Immune System

Methods on Strengthening the Immune System

Through a balanced diet and the habit of exercising, everyone would be able to boost their immune system. Want to know more tips on how to strengthen your immune system? Continue reading to discover the three tips to attain this goal!Sweet peppers, citrus fruits, cheese, green tea, mushrooms, and garlic are all foods that can enhance immunity. Running, cycling, and weight training are ideal exercise options for enhancing immunity. In addition, health products should be supplemented appropriately.

4 natural ways to boost immunity

Immunity is vital to human health. In addition to understanding the working principle of the immune system, we must also master effective natural methods to improve the immune system. Studies have shown that health foods such as herbs, vegetable spices, fruits and natural teas can effectively enhance immunity.

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