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        Calcium is the key to maintaining healthy bones, which enable us to chew whatever we want with our teeth and go wherever we want with healthy limbs. Vice versa, failing to absorb a sufficient amount of calcium will result in Osteoporosis and fractures in bones, barring us away from living the life we wanted to live. According to a survey conducted by the Centre for Food Safety, up to 90% surveyed people in Hong Kong are not inducing a sufficient amount of calcium suggested by medical specialists in their daily diet. Dairy products, soy products, and dark green vegetables are a good source of calcium, Caltrate who specialize in producing the best calcium supplement could also be your reliable partner in getting sufficient calcium intake! Gogo Herbs has stocked up with Pure Calcium Tablets and Calcium Tablets that have a Vitamin D3 as well as minerals added. The two products could help strengthen bones and maintain muscle contraction, making sure that you will have strong muscles and bones to support every stage of your life!


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