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Brain Health

        Many mothers will pay attention to choosing some toys and books to develop intelligence to help their babies improve their intelligence, but in fact, this is far from enough. Children need to supplement the appropriate amount of nutrition during the growth process. For children's intellectual health and brain development, Gogo Herbs recommends nutritional supplements such as Omega 3-6-9 fish oil and vitamin B complex, which can help children develop in an all-round way.

        Maintaining brain health and development is not a baby's patent. If adults do not take in enough nutrition or have enough rest, they may also cause brain damage, memory loss, and slow response. And as the elderly grow older, they may develop dementia. Dementia is a brain disease that usually starts with memory problems, but then affects other brain positions, causing other problems such as communication difficulties, unstable emotions, or personality changes, or even complete loss of self-care ability, will deteriorate over time. Therefore, we should pay attention to nutritional supplements for the elderly.

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