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From the natural pure land of Queensland, AustraliaBlackmores(Blackmores)Since the 1930s, it has been committed to the development of different natural products. Blackmores' products are full of the blessings of Australia's natural scenery. Whether it is health food or skin care products, they are mainly extracted from herbs and minerals. The production process will not cause harm to the environment, ensuring that the materials and production sites remain in the most natural and pure state .

In 1932, Maurice Blackmore founded Blackmores. After more than 80 years of development, Blackmores has become a leader in natural health care products in Australia. Blackmore's understanding of natural health products in the 1930s was extraordinary and advanced. His insights on health, preventive medicine, sustainable development and the environment are still recognized by the public today and will have a profound impact on the future. Blackmores prides itself on producing products that are good for humans and animals by working with world-class suppliers to source ingredients that meet stringent requirements. Blackmores also attaches great importance to sustainable development. Their packaging 98% is recyclable, and more glass containers are used instead of plastic products.

Gogo Herbs' selection of Blackmores signature products includes: Women's Boon to Soothe PMS and Reduce Menopausal Symptoms -Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil Capsules;Contains rich Omega-3, can protect eyesight and heart health, high-purity and odorlessBLACKMORES - Odourless Fish Oil; Rich in glucosamine, which can stimulate cartilage regeneration and protect joint health, such as joint care formula. allBlackmoresHealth productsAll are imported from the country of origin, with preferential prices and delivered throughout Hong Kong, please contact WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 for consultation and ordering!


Blackmores was established in the 1930s in Queensland, Australia. This renowned Australian brand is the pioneer in natural healthcare products and has been delivering innovative and reliable products made delicately from natural herbs and minerals. The company also pays close attention to the manufactured production, that the environment is well protected so that we can enjoy the best health supplements from the purest and cleanest ingredients and production plant.

Founded by Maurice blackmore In 1932, Blackmores has been a leader in Australian natural health for more than 80 years. Blackmore's ideas on natural health in the 1930s were nothing short of radical as his views on health, preventative medicine, sustainability, and the environment still ent id and even in the future. Blackmore prides itself on quality, for both humans and pets, by working with some of the world's leading raw suppliers that meet Blackmore's strict ingredient policy and quality standards. Blackmores is also highly committed to TP sustainability be packing 98 with it recyclable and often coming in glass containers versus plastic.

Gogo Herbs has brought to you some of the best products from Blackmores, including Evening Primrose Oil tablets, Odourless Fish Oil tablets, and Advanced Joint Formula tablets. Evening Primrose Oil contains a high level of Omega 6 and is a useful aid when it comes to menstruation cramps and menopause symptoms. The rich odorless fish oil is rich in Omega 3 which could protect both your vision and heart. The Advanced Joint Formula has a significant amount of glucosamine, which can help activate the reborn of soft tissues and protect both your joints and bones from deteriorating. We offer originally imported and product price with reasonable Hong Kong delivery. Please contact us via Whatsapp +852 5483 0695 for more details.

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