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Elderly health

Joint Pain Symptoms, Causes, Types and Prevention

Joint painIt sounds like a common symptom, but it also has a high attack rate among chronic diseases worldwide. Joint pain, factors that affect normal functioning state, do not necessarily occur in old age.

Types of joint pain

Arthralgia generally refers to pain that occurs in one or more joints of the human body, with swelling and tenderness as the main manifestations. The main cause of pain is degeneration of cartilage or damage to connective tissue.

1. Degenerative joint pain

Related to the degeneration of physiological function, degenerative arthritis mostly occurs in the people at middle-aged and elderly. However, as the lifestyle changes in modern society, unhealthy habits such as seating still for long hours will contribute to joint degeneration. Other improper use or overuse of the joints, for instance obesity and bow legs will also have a bad effect on joint. Initially, the symptoms of degenerative joints are not obvious. But the pain gets worse and obvious over time, evolving to chronic pain. You feel the pain even when you are not moving.

2. Joint pain caused by uric acid accumulation

It is related to uric acid crystals caused by improper diet, and the difference from degeneration is that the symptoms come on suddenly and go away quickly. The main location is mostly a single joint, especially the fingers and toes. The attack site is not only painful, but also red, swollen, and hot. If neglected for a long time, it will lead to joint deformation.

3. Joint pain caused by immunity

It is related to autoimmunity. It is more common in women and middle-aged people. It is also related to genetics. Most of them have no obvious symptoms when they are young and do not show symptoms until middle age. This symptom is similar to the above two. At the same time, the joints will also be red, swollen and hot. More specifically, there will be symmetrical pain, such as pain in both left and right hand joints.


Induction of joint pain

Controllable factor

Smoking: increases the risk of oxidation in the body
Diet: high purine diet, alcoholism, etc.

Uncontrollable factors

Age: Some joint pains have age group aggregation phenomenon
Gender: Most types of joint pain are more common in women, joint pain due to uric acid is more common in men
Genetic traits: People with certain genes are more likely to develop certain types of joint pain

Five ways to prevent joint pain!

Good habit can reduce the damage to your joints, such as:

1) Wear knee pads, wristbands, gloves to protect the joints and keep them warm;
2) Lose weight is necessary and a direct way to alleviate the burden on joints;
3) Don't maintain the same posture for too long, and avoid lifting heavy objects or climbing stairs;
4) Shower on the painful joints with warm water to boost blood circulation and the flexibility (While acute condition should be treated with ice compress )
5) Keep a balanced diet and supplement ample calcium if necessary.

Eating a Mediterranean diet can help relieve pain

Dietary adjustments can also be beneficial for joint maintenance, such as eating more cruciferous vegetables can help relieve joint discomfort. The "Mediterranean Diet" has been proved by research to be beneficial to the immune system, so you can eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, spices, nuts and olive oil. As for the state where you often feel pain, you should avoid eating Omega-6 fatty acids, and try to reduce sugar and salt as much as possible to adjust the overall diet policy.

9 important ingredients for joint health

1) Glucosamine
2) Chondroitin
3) Non denatured type II collagen (uc-ii / UC2)
4) Hydrolyzed type II collagen
6) Proteoglycan
7) Olive polyphenols
8) Curcumin
9) Cat claw vine

Food advice

  • Foods high in antioxidants: kiwi fruit, orange, blueberry, tomato, carrot, brown rice, wheat germ
  • Foods with bioflavonoids: citrus, green tea, whole grains
  • Foods containing Omega-3 fatty acid : Salmon, tuna, bonito
  • Foods with organic sulfur compounds: cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, etc.), crustaceans, animal cartilage, etc
  • Food rich in calcium: milk, yogurt, dried fish, bean products, amaranth, mustard, sesame, almond

Recommended health products for joint pain

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BLACKMORES-Glucosamine Glucosamine Joint Spirit 1500mg 180 Capsules
Kirkland Signature - Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM | 500/400/400mg | 300 tablets

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