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Soria-Natural is a company that specializes in natural health products and cosmetic nutrition. They use ingredients of natural origin, such as medicinal plants, to create food supplements that promote health and care for the environment. The company was established in 1981 in Soria, Spain, and has since grown to become one of the popular brands in the natural health industry. The brand offers a variety of products, including natural cosmetics, food supplements, and phytotherapy.

This article provides an insight into the company's history, their values and the reputation they have built for themselves over the years. Also, discover some recommended Soria-natural products you can use to promote your health.

5 Impressive Facts About Soria-Natural

1.Soria-Natural is Committed to Providing Natural Health Solutions

This brand is fully committed to providing natural health solutions through scientific evidence and research. They use herbal ingredients to create supplements that promote overall wellness. For this reason, Soria-natural products are considered an excellent choice for people who want to improve their health in a natural way. Soria Natural's products include herbal supplements, essential oils, natural cosmetics, and organic foods. 

2.Soria-Natural Is Built on Three Strong Values

Soria-Natural's philosophy is based on three pillars: science, nature, and people. The company believes that science and nature play an essential role in creating products that have the power to improve people's health and well-being. 

3.Soria-Natural Has A Strong Commitment To Quality And Safety

Soria-Natural's commitment to quality and safety is reflected in its certifications. The company has received certifications from international organizations such as ISO 9001, ECOCERT, and BIO INSPECTA. 

4.Soria-Natural Pride Themselves in A Capable Team of Experts

Soria Natural's team of experts includes botanists, nutritionists, and pharmacists. Their experts are fully dedicated to researching the health benefits of natural ingredients. 

5.Soria-Natural Promotes a Sustainable Environment.

The company's commitment to sustainability and respect for nature shows in the way they source for raw materials. They also run a production model using eco-friendly technologies to minimize waste and environmental impact. 


5 Exciting Products by Soria-Natural 

1.Soria-Natural Enteric-coated Garlic Essence 30 Tablets

Say goodbye to bad breath! The Garlic Essence tablets! The tablets are perfect for those who hate the taste of garlic but want to reap its health benefits. Since they are made with special technology, these tablets ensure that the garlic essence is directly absorbed into the intestines. Plus, each tablet has 7 times more allicin than a clove of fresh garlic. This could help stabilize blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure levels, improve cardiovascular health, boost your immune system, and reduce tracheal discomfort. Try it out today and enjoy the benefits of garlic without bad breath.

– Enjoy An Odorless Garlic Experience 
– Stabilizes Blood Sugar
– Boosts Immune System
– Maintains Cardiovascular Health

2.Soria-Natural – Stomach Comfort Strong Digestive Enzyme Pineapple Flavor 30 Chewable Tablets

The Soria-Natural Stomach Comfort supplement comes in pineapple flavour, chewable tablets. Each tablet contains 1 billion probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes in a unique 3-in-1 formula. Taking one tablet a day can improve digestion, bowel movements and reduce bad breath and stomach discomfort like bloating. It is perfect for people with poor digestive functions and gastrointestinal problems. The double-coating technology of the tablet protects the probiotics for maximum effectiveness and enhances intestinal activity. Choosing this supplement could provide a lasting improvement in intestinal health.

– Quickly Aids Digestion and Reduces Bad Breath
– A Very Effective Relieve for Stomach Discomfort: Bloating, Gas
– Promotes Growth and Reproduction Of Probiotics.
– Boosts Immunity

3.Soria-Natural – Children's Immune Boosting Oral Solution 150ml

This children's immune-boosting oral solution is a powerful blend of natural vitamins, propolis, echinacea, and other ingredients. It enhances kids' immunity, helps relieve allergies and tracheal discomfort, builds a healthy immune system, and strengthens their bodies. It comes in a delicious blackcurrant flavour that children love and is perfect for those with weakened immune systems or nasal allergies. With a 150ml bottle size, this oral liquid is great for daily use and safe for children. 

– Helps Relieve Allergies in Kids 
– Improves Children's Immunity
– Contains Propolis and Various Vitamins for A Healthy Immune System.

4.Soria-Natural – Valerian Passiflora Extract 30 Capsules

Looking for a natural way to calm your nerves and improve your sleep quality? Then you should try these capsules. Valerian and passiflora are natural herbs that have been popular in Europe for their calming and stabilizing effects on the mood. These capsules can help reduce insomnia caused by mental stress, improve sleep quality, and increase deep sleep. Each of the capsules is made with a special technology that preserves the nutrients and releases slowly over 12 hours, ensuring the best effect. It's also suitable for vegetarians.

– Calms Emotions, Relieves Anxiety and Mental Tension,
– Helps To Fall Asleep Naturally
– Promotes Deep Sleep and Improves Sleep Quality
– Enjoy A 12-Hour Long-Acting Effect

5.Soria-Natural Liver DTX-Pro 14-Bottles

The Liver DTX-Pro feature a 4-in-1 deep detoxification and liver-nourishing herbal formula. One of its ingredients is Black Radish, which increases enzyme activity for deep detoxification. Artichokes are also added to promote bile synthesis and stabilize cholesterol levels. It also contains Soybean Lecithin, which removes excess liver fat, reduces liver exposure to alcohol and promotes liver cell regeneration. The Milk Thistle in this product provides antioxidant effects for liver protection. The product is suitable for people with stressful lifestyles, lack of sleep, and smoking or drinking habits.

– Promotes Liver Detoxification. 
– Helps The Kidneys Expel Toxins
– Removes Excess Fat from The Liver
– Enhances Health of Liver Cells
– Perfect For Smokers and Persons Who Take Alcohol. 

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