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Top-selling health products trends

6 Highest-Selling Health Product Trends In 2021

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, people have turned to health supplement products to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy. In China and many parts of Asia, sales of health products have become a booming market worth billions of dollars. These classes of products include; dietary supplements, health food, sports slimming food, animal extracts, and nutrition pack. During our research, the results for China and some parts of Asia suggested that Canadian, Australian and American products were the most popular in 2021. Keywords like 'Protect liver medicine,' 'glucosamine hydrochloride', and stress reliever have generated high search volume in the continent since the beginning of the year. This suggests that Asian consumers, especially older adults, are searching for specific solutions in health products. Below is a review of 2021 best-selling health products topping the charts in the global market.


Many people are unable to meet their nutritional needs through diet alone. This is why about 80 per cent of adults aged 18-34 take a daily multivitamin to support their health. Sales of premium multivitamins increased in 2021 due to the coronavirus and harsh weather. People who purchased more multivitamin products include pregnant and breastfeeding women and people under a special diet, especially adults older than 50. Luckily, the prices of these health products didn't change much in 2021. Products involving Canadian, Australian and American brands offered consumers wide options of unique formulas to choose from. However, multivitamin products which featured botanical ingredients and food extracts recorded higher sales.

Some popular multivitamin products performing well on the sales chart are:

1.Jamieson-90 Capsules Multi-Vitamins For Adults - rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. It also contains herbal extracts and enhances immunity in male and female adults.

2. Centrum Advance 50+ Multivitamins and Minerals – a nutrient support supplement for seniors. It features antioxidants and promotes a healthy heart, bones, eyes, teeth, skin and hair in the elderly. 

3. Kirkland Signature-Women's full-effect multivitamin and mineral – an anti-ageing blend designed to meet the daily nutritional needs of women 

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The health benefits of fish oil are supported by scientific evidence. So, it is no surprise why people are buying more of this health product. Fish oil provides many health benefits ranging from cognitive health to heart and joint health. Luckily, its use is beneficial to all classes of people beginning from unborn babies to senior adults. It was observed that the purity and safety of fish oil supplements increased in 2021. According to a survey, most fish oil supplements sold were commended for their lack of side effects, effectiveness, value, and overall quality. Most of these products included brands that use an advanced extraction method to make high-quality fish oil safe for consumption.

Some Omega-3 products with high levels of DHA and EPA are:

1. Jamieson – Omega-3 high concentration concentrated formula – a very high-quality fish oil designed for heart, eye and brain care. The product is certified pure and void of contaminations.

2. Kirkland Signature-Alaska Wild Salmon Fish Oil – A balanced EPA&DHA product with strong antioxidant effect for the whole body. This product is extracted from wild Alaskan salmon fish oil.

3. Charenda High-potency EPA adult fish oil – a high purity extracted with advanced technology. 


Generally, the sales of joint-improving products are increasing every year. Today, osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of immobility among adults. That is why many older adults are seeking quick relief from joint pain and stiffness. Since there is sufficient evidence that taking glucosamine supplements support cartilage regeneration, supplement brands have responded accordingly. Brands like Jamieson and Webber naturals now offer glucosamine supplements with a unique formula and fast effect. Most glucosamine products combine other joint protective agents like chondroitin and MSM to increase their effectiveness for joint repair.  

Some popular glucosamine supplements generating high sales on the market are:


1. Webber Naturals Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM supplements- an effective formula that relieves joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

2. Kirkland Signature Extra Strong Glucosamine-Contains high content of glucosamine, which helps joint repair and regeneration.


Probiotic Supplements are helping patients with quick relief from diarrhea, bloating, gas, and an upset stomach. Due to the covid-19 lockdown, many people have been used to the indoor eating habit of taking processed foods and added sugars. This has caused a low amount of good bacteria in the gut after the lockdown. When the body runs low on these bacteria, it may cause various digestive problems.  Probiotics are good body bacteria. They help to break down food easily in your body. Taking probiotic supplements ensures that there is a balance of good bacteria in your body. Fortunately, probiotic supplements have gained a good reputation over the last six years. During our research, we observed that most probiotic brands are free from any contamination. Most bestselling Probiotics did not contain lactose, gluten, wheat, dairy, milk, and yeast. 

Some reliable Probiotic products on the market include:

1. Jamieson Adult 50+ Natural Probiotics - contains ten unique probiotic strains designed to help adults over 50 balance the intestinal flora.

2. Weibojian-Super Probiotics-has 8 different beneficial bacterial strains. It can relieve bloating, flatulence and promote bowel movements.


B vitamins are one of the top-selling vitamins on the market right now. B-complex supplements are helping people relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Pregnant women, older adults and those with certain medical conditions buy this supplement to avoid any trace of deficiency.  Almost every brand offer vitamin B complex supplements. The regular supply of these products has made prices to be stable and affordable on the market. It is always advised to take the recommended dosage of B-complex supplements as excessive intake may lead to serious side effects.

Some premium B complex supplements you can patronize are:  

1. Blackmores Vitamin B complex Tablets – natural energy-boosting complex and stress reliever with no added preservatives or artificial colour. 

2. Jamieson-Natural Vitamin B Complex - provides essential B vitamins in high potency. Maintain long-term health of nervous system, skin, hair, liver and muscle.


Beauty products have been generating more sales in the global market lately. This trend also includes Collagen supplements. There is growing evidence that the ongoing supplementation of collagen peptides reduce skin wrinkles and promotes healthier skin. High Collagen in the skin has also been linked with improved skin hydration and elasticity. We also observed that some top Collagen include beauty botanicals, hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing vitamins in their anti-ageing formula. Antioxidant vitamins like vitamin E and C can work from the inside to promote beauty from within.

Top recommended Collagen Supplements include: 

1. Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+ - a premium anti-ageing beauty formula specially formulated to support collagen production. Helps to maintain healthy hair, radiant skin and strong nails.

2. Swisse Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen - collagen and hyaluronic acid blend for smooth, soft and hydrated skin.


Today, millions of health products are available for various reasons, like losing weight, gaining muscles, getting a good night's sleep, and improving digestion. Due to food choices or lifestyles, many people fail to keep track of their body needs. This is why consumers patronize vitamin or mineral supplements to fill nutrient gaps in their diet. Among supplements, multivitamins are the most commonly used supplement. However, it is always essential to select a supplement that works. This article recommends some of the bestselling supplements you can choose to enjoy their health benefits.

Michael Yeung
Author: Michael Yeung

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