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Health supplements for the elderly

5 health products that the elderly should supplement

Seeing older people become stronger, more energetic, and happier is the happiness of every family. In fact, old age itself is a retirement stage that is naturally designed to achieve relaxation after a busy life. However, to achieve this goal to the fullest extent, the elderly need to stay healthy while experiencing the vagaries and vicissitudes of natural decline. Fortunately, the development of high-quality health products around the world today provides a way for the elderly to obtain treatment and care and effective results more easily. In this way, vitamin deficiencies, nutritional problems and other intervening health problems will be checked in time.

Nowadays, natural health products are a kind of health products worthy of consideration by every adult. First, it is recommended that the elderly develop a complementary therapy to keep their immune system as functioning as possible.

Why are the elderly prone to health problems?

Today, common diseases among the elderly include diabetes, cognitive impairment, heart defects, high blood pressure and arthritis. Therefore, the necessity of strengthening the health of the elderly cannot be overemphasized. As the life cycle implies, it is normal for natural decline with age. This is the main cause of many health problems common to the elderly. There are many social and biological reasons that make the elderly vulnerable to illness and infection.

When trying to trace this back in chronological order, it was found that the living habits of an adult when they were young greatly affected their health in old age. Spending your youth with harmful habits, such as smoking or sitting for a long time, may prove harmful in the future compared to good habits (such as a balanced diet and intake of natural health supplements).

In addition, the elderly (especially those over 65) will naturally experience so-called immune aging. Simply put, immune aging means that as we age, the immune system will gradually degenerate. An evidence of this claim can be found in the current Covid-19 influenza pandemic. The death rate is higher among elderly people who claim to have immune stress. If immunodeficiency or long-term health conditions are not controlled, it will gradually lead to worsening consequences, such as comorbidities and sociological setbacks, such as depression. In the long run, this deteriorating challenge provides a window for the elderly to increase their risk of disease, condition or infection.

Elderly health
Elderly health

Elderly health: with the help of health products

Fortunately, with the emergence of well-known brands on the market, manufacturers have been able to transform research results into complex product formulations, which contain beneficial antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances and natural extracts, which are beneficial to the health of the elderly. Useful. Jamieson Vitamin is a good example in this regard. Their multivitamin is mainly a mixture of active plant drugs.

For every adult, a good measure is to use supplements to support, help and strengthen their nutrition and body immunity. This article recommends five health products that are worth adding to the elderly supplement program.

Jamieson – 50+ full vitamins for adults

There is no doubt that Jamieson health products are quickly becoming a means of alleviating sudden vitamin needs and vitamin deficiencies. A TRU-ID certified company designed this product specifically for middle-aged and elderly people over 50. Therefore, each multi-vitamin capsule uses lutein and lycopene herbal extracts to enhance immunity, anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

Jamieson further enhances the nutritional content of the product with essential vitamins and minerals. This practice ensures that adequate doses of vitamin D (15 micrograms) and calcium (200 mg) are included to prevent the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and any form of bone degradation that may be caused by aging. As a premium choice, each capsule does not contain salt, gluten, lactose or artificial flavors. However, if you have a history of kidney stones or are taking blood thinners, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking it.

Charenda – Celery Seed 3500 + Blueberry 5000 Concentrated Serum

Some common diseases that are challenging for the elderly include urinary tract infections, arthritis and impaired vision. This is why Charenda uses the anti-inflammatory, diuretic and analgesic properties of celery seed to create effective help for the health of the elderly. Judging by all signs, the brand realizes that urinary incontinence and chronic kidney disease are usually afflicted by elderly patients. Therefore, their laboratory experts formulate celery seeds and other natural extracts to help the kidneys eliminate excess uric acid and ensure immunity. more importantly,CharendaContains 5000mg of blueberry extract to help strengthen eye function and prevent eye aging.

Weibojian-Refreshing Ginkgo Extract 120mg

In addition to physical problems, mental health is essentially a concern for the elderly. In most cases, diseases that affect the brain, such as stroke and dementia, are caused by insufficient oxygen and blood supply to certain parts of the brain and various parts of the body. Therefore, as they grow older, it is wise for adults to have a health regimen specifically for their mental health.

Therefore, we chose this product because Ginkgo biloba has "proven" antioxidant and anti-aging effects. For a long time, Ginkgo has been used to promote blood circulation in the heart, brain and various parts of the body. Ginkgo is indeed an effective substance for promoting healthy peripheral circulation. This function can improve memory and mental acuity, and reduce the symptoms of brain degenerative diseases.

Jamieson – 50+ full vitamins for women

Jamieson-Women's 50+ full multi-vitamins is a special formula of the above 50+ full multi-vitamins for adults. Therefore, it also contains a strong antioxidant formula, which is particularly helpful in maintaining urethral health and strengthening immunity.

Since it plays an effective role in anti-aging, we have also added this option to our list. As we age, if there is something that older women would envy, we guess it is to retain the radiant skin and beautiful appearance of the young . Jamieson-Women's 50+ multi-vitamins are rich in minerals and herbal extracts. It is undoubtedly an anti-aging choice for elderly women.

Suncun – 50+ formulas for women

This product is specially designed for women over 50 years old. Shancun specially designed its formula to supplement the nutrients lost by elderly ladies and help maintain normal immune and muscle function. At the same time, the product has a high-efficiency antioxidant function, which helps to maintain the bones and teeth and maintain vision. Its antioxidant properties also help keep skin, nails and hair healthy.

Michael F. O
Author: Michael F. O

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