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Ways to boost immunity

Hong Kong COVID: 4 Ways You Can Boost Your Immunity during the Pandemic

Life in some parts of the world is yet to normal since the coronavirus outbreak in 2020. Currently, it is on record that the pandemic has caused almost 6 million deaths worldwide. Despite discovering effective vaccines, the coronavirus still found a way to cause chaos by resurfacing as a new variant (Omicron); that spreads more easily than the original virus. In February 2022, Hong Kong experienced the fifth wave of COVID-19 infections leaving crowds of critically ill patients at various health care facilities. In just one day, Hong Kong recorded about 25,150 new coronavirus infections and 280 deaths. Since the recent scare, many Hongkongers are forced to panic buy at supermarkets and pharmacies as the city undergoes one of its tightest restrictions since the pandemic started in 2020.

We can learn from the recent Hong Kong outbreak to be "READY" for the virus at all times. This involves getting vaccinated, observing all safety precautions and most of all, boosting our immunity. This article explains how we can stay protected and improve our immunity against coronavirus infections and their symptoms.

Why Is Boosting Immunity Very Vital Against Coronavirus?


How to enhance the immunity


Some foods, especially herbs, can boost immune system and protect our bodies against infectious diseases. Most times, these foods contain powerful anti-disease compounds, which help enhance our immunity. You may include these foods in your diet for rapid immune fortification or use them as a cooking spice, especially during isolation. These foods/herbs include:






Ginger contains many bioactive compounds that enhance our protection against infectionImmune health。比如,在生薑中發現的“薑酚”可以緩解感冒、噁心和頭痛不適等症狀。


Some vitamins are natural immune boosters. Experts advise that eating healthy foods rich in those vitamins helps to reduce COVID symptoms and shorten recovery time from coronavirus infection. These vitamins include:   

*Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. This water-soluble nutrient promotes wound healing and help to protect our cells from free radical damage caused by oxidation. Apart from activating immune cells, you may need more vitamin C to promote iron absorption and ensure adequate oxygen transport in your body. Some vitamin C rich food to take during the COVID-19 pandemic include fresh vegetables and citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi and cauliflower.

*Vitamin D


*Vitamin E




  • Protect you from getting seriously ill from the viral infection.
  • Protects you from contacting or spreading the disease.
  • 降低您受新變體侵襲的機會。

These vaccines include:

  • Moderna vaccine
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
  • Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine
  • Janssen vaccine

It is recommended that everyone 5 years and older should get vaccinated for the sake of their health and those of the people around them.


Keeping fit can also improve immunity. It is believed that regular exercise stimulates the response of highly active immune cells in our body to keep us free from infection and disease. For this reason, exercise could be vital for elderly adults because of ageing-related immune decline, which makes them vulnerable to infections.

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