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10 Foods that are High in Vitamin E

10 Foods that are High in Vitamin E

Do you know where you got vitamin E from? We all know that vitamin E foods are extremely important to our health. So what is the best way to obtain it? In fact, vitamin E is relatively easy to obtain. It may come from various foods you have already eaten. Perhaps some of these foods contain more vitamin E than others.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an extremely important nutrient, which can protect eyes and brain, enhance immunity and so on. Early studies have shown that it has a powerful antioxidant effect on free radicals that cause our diseases. In addition, studies have shown that when used locally , vitamin E helps repair muscle tissue, reduce menstrual cramps, promote nail growth, and reduce wrinkles and dark circles.

Best Sources of Vitamin E

While you can find vitamin E in many foods, such as in nuts, some seafood and dark leafy greens, here are the top 10 sources of vitamin E. Consider adding more of these items into your diet to get all the health benefits of vitamin E.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is a healthy edible oil and is very popular in many staple Indian dishes. Moreover, due to the properties of vitamin E, wheat germ oil can also be used to partially repair hair and nail problems.

One tablespoon of wheat germ oil contains 20 mg of vitamin E while 100 grams contains a whopping 149 mg of vitamin E, making it one the richest sources of vitamin E.


Almonds are a popular nut that is rich in vitamin E. Delicious raw, roasted or salted, almonds can also be made into nut milk and can be used and added to a variety of recipes and dishes.

Almonds contain 25.6 mg of vitamin per 100g.

Sunflower Seeds

Seeds from sunflowers are not only delicious but packed full of nutrients, including vitamin E. Often eaten as a snack on their own or as a garnish in salads and other dishes, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E.

Sunflower seeds contain 26.1 mg of vitamin E per 100g.


Another nut rich in vitamin E is the hazelnut. Popular in cakes, coffee flavourings, or as a snack on their own, hazelnuts contain 15mg of vitamin E per 100g.


Another nut high in vitamin E is the peanut. Eaten nearly all over the world, peanuts are a popular snack, spread, oil, garnish and more.

Peanuts contain 8.3mg of vitamin E per 100 grams.

Mamey Sapote

The mamey sapote is a tropical fruit that is native to Cuba and Central America. This sweet and savoury fruit has a taste all its own and has the highest amount of vitamin E for a fruit.

Just one half of a mamey sapote fruit contains 5.9 mg of vitamin E, with about 2.1 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams.


Avocado is another one of the few fruits that are packed with vitamin E. Avocado is a creamy fruit that is delicious on toast, in a smoothie, salad, or even deep fried. Avocados contain approximately 4.2mg per avocado.


A popular delicacy in Hong Kong and China, especially during Chinese New Year, abalone is a tasty mollusc that is often served on its own in a special sauce.

Abalone contains 4.0mg of vitamin E per 100g.


Trout is another seafood that contains vitamin E. Trout can be cooked and eaten in a variety of delicious ways while also being rich in other vitamins and nutrients.

Trout contains 2.8 mg of vitamin E per 100g.


Spinach is one of the dark leafy green vegetables that is rich in vitamin E. It’s healthy way to get vitamin E.

If eaten raw, spinach contains about 2.1mg of vitamin E per 100 g. If cooked, spinach contains about 3.7 mg of vitamin E per cup.

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