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Common Health Problems in Cats Related to Weather Changes

The weather is changeable and humid, not only people are prone to catch a cold, but cats are also prone to illness. During the alternation of dryness and wetness, a large number of bacteria grow, and the resistance is reduced, which will cause respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems in cats. Today, GGH has a feces shovel officer to take precautions in advance.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in Cats

Cats sneeze just like humans. It is normal for foreign objects to stimulate sneezing, and it is easy to ignore it. When cats sneeze one after another, it may not be a simple nasal allergy, but an upper respiratory infection. When an upper respiratory tract infection occurs, the cat will sneeze frequently, the tip of the nose is overly wet with nasal discharge, the eyes are always watery, and brown discharge forms under the eyes. Due to physical discomfort, the cat's appetite decreases, there is leftover food in the bowl, and the lying time increases. Most of the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infection will heal on their own as the temperature warms up. The poop shoveler needs to keep the cat warm. When the symptoms of tearing are obvious, you can use anti-inflammatory eye drops for cats to relieve the symptoms. When the weather turns warm and cold, winter cat litters and supplies should not be put away prematurely. Cats can hide in the cat litter at night to maintain body temperature. Where cats often stay, you can lay mats or blankets to block the cold air on the ground. Old thick jeans are used to make mats, which are environmentally friendly and easy to use. Thick jeans have obvious advantages. The texture is skin-friendly and soft, thick and durable, and the weave is tight and non-sticky, so it is easy to clean and take care of. The excrement shoveler needs to pay attention. When the symptoms persist and tend to worsen, causing the cat to become thin, listless, and lose weight, accompanied by low-grade fever and thick eye secretions, it is necessary to be alert to cat nasal congestion, pneumonia, and conjunctivitis caused by viral infection. Disease, take the cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid serious illness.

Cat Skin Eczema and Inflammation

When the seasons change, the temperature difference is large, the air is humid, and bacteria, mosquitoes, and molds breed in large numbers. When cats are weak, it may cause skin itching, eczema, allergies, ear mites, and skin inflammation. It is very necessary to do a good job of internal and external deworming to prevent skin problems in cats. In addition, health products can be used to improve skin immunity for cats. When the seasons change, the cat’s hair loss will also increase. The owner combs the cat’s hair frequently, which can not only remove the floating hair on the surface, prevent the cat from licking, but also help to keep the cat’s hair clean.

Cat Seasonal Stomach Problems

As the seasons change, cats’ intestines and stomach are relatively fragile, and they are prone to loss of appetite, bad breath, and unformed stools. Canned food should be given in appropriate amounts in divided doses, and the remaining food should be refrigerated to avoid deterioration when exposed to the air for a long time. Refrigerated food should be heated and cooled to room temperature before feeding. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid feeding raw or cold food or cold, high-sugar fruit. If the cat suffers from loss of appetite and soft stools, compound probiotics can be used for conditioning. For diarrhea symptoms, a small amount of natural montmorillonite powder can be used to feed the cat for one to two days. After the cat’s defecation returns to normal, the mental state will also improve soon. If the cat's stool is not formed and does not improve, and has symptoms of vomiting many times, and the spirit is poor, you should consult a veterinarian in time.

Tips for cat care in changing seasons

  1. Clean the home every week, vacuum and dehumidify, and spray household disinfectant for pets. Cat litters and toys should be cleaned and dried regularly, cat food plates and water cups should be cleaned every day, and drinking water should be replaced every day. Do not feed cats directly with tap water.
  2. Supplement high-quality protein for cats to enhance resistance, or follow the advice of veterinarians to use lysine supplements.
  3. Supplementing cats with collagen and deep-sea fish oil can help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent skin diseases related to seasonal changes.
  4. Always keep pet probiotics at home to deal with the gastrointestinal conditions of cats. Due to the different effects of each strain, the health care effect of a single probiotic is relatively limited, and the effect of a compound probiotic is faster. If you need to mix water with probiotics, please use warm water below 35°C.
  5. Keep your cat warm

Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

Cats are easy to get sick when the seasons change. Supplementing nutrition and strengthening their physique can speed up their recovery. Gogo Herbs is committed to improving the health of pets and promoting scientific pet care solutions. We recommend to you an exclusive recipe for adult cats with sensitive stomach and sensitive skin. This recipe is made of delicious chicken and rice. It is rich in prebiotic fiber to maintain Gut microbial balance and normal stool morphology. Vitamin E and omega-6 are added to relieve dry skin and protect the skin immune barrier. For cat health and product related questions, please contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695. Our pet health products are carefully researched and selected by professional veterinarians and nutrition teams, parents can rest assured to buy.

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