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How much do you know about cat skin problems?

When the cat is tickled, it is placed in a yoga pose, and its soft and three-dimensional ears are shaking accordingly. It looks simple and cute. But did you know that cats who frequently scratch their bodies, ears and lick their hair may feel itchy and painful due to skin problems. Next, GGH will introduce cat skin problems and common manifestations to you.


cat ear mites

Cat ear mites are an ear scabies infection. When infected with ear mites, cats will frequently scratch their ears and shake their heads. The auricle is covered with a layer of wax oil, with muddy stains and scratched scars. Even if it is cleaned, the auricle quickly becomes oily and dirty. When cat ear mites are severe, black scabs will appear in the ear canal, and the black scabs will fall off as the cat scratches its ears. In addition, cats infected with ear mites may develop brown tear stains and sneezing. Ear mites need to be controlled in time, otherwise the mites will infect the ear canal and cause middle ear inflammation and meningitis. The ear canal is connected to the five sense organs, and ear mite infection can lead to eye and respiratory tract infections, affecting the immunity of cats.

The inspection of mites requires visual inspection combined with microscope sampling observation. It takes about 1-2 months to treat ear mites. It is necessary to clean the ear canal of the cat every day, drip the ear washing solution into the ear canal and rub it gently, and then use a cotton swab to dry the water and clean the dirt. After the ear canal is dried, squeeze the ointment for treating ear mites. It must be used in strict accordance with the prescribed dosage. Excessive use will be harmful to the cat. After rubbing the medicine evenly to cover the ear canal, wipe off the medicine spilled on the pinna to prevent the cat from scratching and eating it by mistake. Put an Elizabethan collar on your cat to keep it from scratching its ears. Ear mites live on the hair and recur again. It is recommended to combine external insect repellent to kill the mites hidden on the body.


Ringworm is a bacterial or fungal infection that causes hair loss, redness, and increased scale on the skin. Due to the itching of the affected area, the cat has been scratching, and the affected area will be damaged and bleed. Ringworm can be transmitted to other parts through scratching and licking, and may also infect people with low immunity, the elderly, pregnant women and young children. Cats infected with tinea felis are caused by the growth of mold in a humid environment. It may also be that the newly arrived small animal carries tinea felis and has not been properly isolated, or the shoes are contaminated with outdoor tinea felis and spread to cats at home. When a veterinarian treats ringworm, the affected area will be shaved and washed with a boric acid lotion. After the affected area is dry, apply a cat special ointment that kills bacteria and relieves itching. When the owner treats the cat in the follow-up, he should clean and dry the affected area as required, and apply medicine regularly. It is recommended to use pet disposable wipes to clean the cat's whole body hair to remove the microorganisms and mold hidden in the hair. When cats at home are infected with tinea felis, it is necessary to do a good job of isolation, thoroughly clean the space where cats often move, and wash and dry cat supplies.

allergic dermatitis

Environmental dust, food, household disinfectants, cat grooming products, etc. may cause allergic dermatitis in cats. When acute allergic symptoms appear, the excrement shoveler needs to screen for allergens. Some shovelers give kittens human medication, which is also a common cause of pet allergies. Careful observation shows that the skin of allergic dermatitis is red, swollen and has erythema, but the skin is smooth and free of dandruff, which is different from tinea felis. Allergic dermatitis makes cats itchy unbearably. Cats will lick and scratch non-stop, resulting in baldness, damage, bleeding, and scabs. You should take your cat to a veterinarian immediately. Some allergic dermatitis may cause edema if not treated in time. Veterinarians generally prescribe anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory injections to control allergic reactions, and oral anti-inflammatory drugs are also required.

If the cat has excessive scratching and bleeding injuries, the excrement shoveler needs to pay close attention to the cat's skin problems and take the cat to the doctor in time. Don't be lazy and impatient in the treatment of skin problems, you need to persevere in order to heal faster. In daily feeding, we need to pay attention to the supplement of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidant vitamins in cats, so as to improve the cat's immunity and skin comprehensive barrier. Gogo herbs focuses on improving the health of cats and dogs, selects high-quality natural health products, developed by professional Chinese veterinarians and approved by Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Medicine, without added preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and passed heavy metals, pesticide residues, and microbial tests. Our selected products have undergone in-depth research on the market by the veterinary and nutrition teams, in order to bring safe and effective pet health care solutions to your pets. If you encounter any problems during shopping, please contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695.

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