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Cat's emotional problems and daily grooming

"Walking the cat" broke people's impression that cats can't go out. As a shit shoveler, on the other hand, my cat will start to breathe as soon as it steps out, the heart beats faster and trembles, which is commonly known as a stress response. GGH has sorted out some common emotional problems in cats, as well as daily grooming training, to help everyone develop "cat strength".

cat stress

The excrement shovelers attach great importance to cat stress. When a cat responds to a change in the external environment and perceives a threat, it will have a systemic response to stress. Symptoms include anxiety, irritability, panting, rapid heartbeat, and trembling. If the stress state is not relieved in time, it may cause a series of physical discomforts in cats such as vomiting, soft stools, loose stools, anorexia and urinary retention. Acute stress may also develop into chronic stress, and induce serious diseases, such as gastrointestinal disorders, liver and kidney damage, low immunity, feline distemper, FIP, and may even lead to sudden death.

Common Sources of Stress in Cats and Preventive Measures

Stress is caused by external factors. When the following situations occur, the excrement shoveler needs to pay attention to the state of the cat, comfort it in time and take measures. If the abnormal condition persists, a veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible.

  • Changes in the living environment: such as moving, forcibly "walking the cat". A large air box is necessary for the shoveling officer to move. Let the cat be familiar with the air box in advance to build a sense of security. On the day of moving, the cat should be put in the air box, and the furniture, cat litter, toys and other familiar items for the cat should be placed before releasing the cat, and the air box should not be taken away. Cats who are new to the new environment should not be forcibly touched, fed or driven away. Freeze-dried snacks can be added to cat food to increase the cat's appetite. "Walking cats" is not suitable for all cats. Cats that can be walked have been socialized step by step since they were young, and they have developed a high degree of trust in their owners. For adult cats who have little contact with the outside world, forcibly taking them out may really cause serious health problems.
  • New people in the home: strangers visit, new family members join. When new members arrive at home, do not forcibly stroke the cat, but pay attention to walking softly and slowly. Use cat teaser toys and treats to arouse cats' interest and bring each other closer.
  • Startled: Try to keep the cat away from constant noise, and stroking the cat's head can help calm her down.
  • Forced bathing: Cats absolutely hate water, and soaked fur can make them anxious. When bathing your cat, you must pay attention to gentle movements and adjust the water temperature to be close to the cat's body temperature. Don't wet the cat all at once, but gradually wet the cat from the tail and feet to let the cat get used to it, avoiding the face and ears. Some body wash products contain natural calming ingredients that create a rich lather that can distract your cat. Cats generally hate the noise of the hair dryer, so they should use the air drying box to dry the hair in time to prevent colds.
  • Cat group discord: Cats bully, competing for resources such as toys, food, and litter box

Kittens who have been bullied for a long time will become thin and have low resistance. The owner should stop the bullying immediately. When the new cat arrives, the territory is invaded, and the aborigines inevitably feel unbalanced. Multi-cat households must prepare sufficient cat bowls, water bowls, cat litter boxes and cat litter boxes. The owner should also pay attention to a bowl of water when distributing snacks and interacting. Using the same comb to comb different cats alternately on weekdays will help the cats get familiar with each other's smell.

cat's rebellious heart

Cats are mischievous, wantonly climbing curtains, biting books, knocking down tableware, running amok, knowingly committing crimes, and refusing to mend their ways despite repeated admonitions. When the cat is about to make a mistake, the excrement shoveler should stop in time and take the cat away from the object. When encountering a cat that intentionally makes mistakes, pat its hands or feet as a sign of punishment. For a cat that is too naughty, put it in the cat cage after making a mistake and educate it in time. Repeat it several times and the cat will restrain itself. Cats are curious by nature, the owner should give priority to verbal admonition, and should not frequently beat, scold or punish the cat, otherwise it will easily cause fear.

The cat is afraid and does not like to move

Some cats don't pay attention to the outside world and don't like to move. It may be because they have been used to a small space for activities after being caged for a long time, or because their owners often startle, stop drinking and frequently punish them, resulting in fear. It is afraid of making mistakes, so it likes to hide. If the cat suddenly becomes listless, loses appetite, accompanied by eye secretions, and dirty hair, it may be a health problem. The excrement shoveler needs to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible to find out the situation.

cat irritable

Aggressive behavior in Grumpy Cats includes scratching, purring, and sneaking up. Some cats react more violently to experiences of abandonment and trauma at a young age. If the shit-shoveling officer decides to adopt a cat, he must be mentally prepared. The cat’s personality may not necessarily be well-behaved, but your long-term care will definitely allow the cat to regain a sense of security and gradually get rid of its sensitive personality and aggressive behavior. First of all, understand clearly the behaviors that cause the cat's rage, don't offend and prevent injury, in fact, feed it regularly and quantitatively, stroke it gently, insist on playing with it, and the cat will recognize its master just around the corner.

Cat Anxiety

The cat exhibits excessively repetitive behaviors, such as frequent eating of fabric, excessive licking, pacing, and constant meowing, especially when it realizes that you are going out. This is due to separation anxiety caused by cats being too lonely. There is only one family member in the cat’s growth environment, the cat’s activity space is too cramped, and the living environment is too monotonous, all of which may lead to cat anxiety. On the one hand, the owner must maintain a rich home environment. Cat scratching posts and various toys are essential to ensure the daily supply of food and water. If there are free-range conditions at home, letting cats watch the scenery from the window can also relieve boredom. But be careful to seal windows with cat nets and put away drinking glasses, valuable appliances and fragile items. The owner takes 15 minutes a day to play with the cat, which can effectively relieve the cat's anxiety and make the cat more friendly and lively. Cat teasing sticks, long ropes and bell balls are all interesting interactive games for pets.

From the moment a cat arrives at your home, its meow life is only you. Please give them more company, respect your pet's personality, and encourage it to explore and play. The Gogo Herbs pet team is committed to researching scientific ways of raising pets and caring for pet companions. We select cat health products for you, which are researched and developed by professional Chinese veterinarians and approved by Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Medicine. They are made in Hong Kong and use 100% natural Chinese medicine raw materials. Whole Ganoderma lucidum broken spore powder, Astragalus membranaceus and Atractylodes macrocephala are three kinds of precious medicinal materials, which can improve the immunity of cats, resist the invasion of external viruses and bacteria, regulate the spleen and stomach, enhance appetite and absorption. Parents of fur children are welcome to contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 to inquire about products and cat health related issues. Buy with confidence as our pet health products are certified safe and effective by professional veterinary and nutritional teams.

Author: gogoherbs

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