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Common gastrointestinal and digestive problems in cats

Cats are naturally lively and active. When they feel uncomfortable, the whole cat changes. They will curl up quietly in a corner, neither moving nor interested. Although the cat can't speak, seeing its uncomfortable appearance makes me feel really distressed. GGH shares the common gastrointestinal and digestive problems of cats, and helps the owner take care of the cat's health.

What are the symptoms of cat stomach upset?

cat vomiting

When the cat vomits, the excrement shoveler should pay attention to observe the duration of vomiting, the process of vomiting, and check the state of the vomit. Cat vomiting is divided into physiological vomiting and pathological vomiting.

"Physiological vomiting" is normal vomiting caused by cat eating, physiology and exercise. cats occasionally vomitsaliva with bubbles, it may be stomach acid, and sometimes the saliva is transparent and light yellow, which is bile. The most likely reason is that the cat is vomiting too much stomach acid due to being hungry for too long. pussy spitStomach acid with hair or strips of hair is normal, the cat licks the hair and the hair goes into the stomach. Hair that accumulates in the intestine needs to be expelled through defecation or vomiting. Usually, cats can be fed some cat grass, appropriate amount of zucchini, broccoli, sweet potatoes and hair-removing cream to promote gastrointestinal motility and hair removal. pussy spitWhole pelleted cat food or food with incompletely digested meat piecesGenerally, it is due to eating too fast and strenuous exercise immediately after eating, causing nausea. The owner should pay attention to regular and quantitative feeding, freeze-dried and snacks should not be given too much at one time, so as to avoid discomfort caused by overeating. The more common cause of "pathological vomiting" isGastrointestinal inflammation, manifested as frequent vomiting within a day without continuous signs of improvement, accompanied by loss of appetite, refusal to drink water, and the vomitus was a suspension. At this time, the excrement shoveler can take a 6-hour fast, feed special probiotics to regulate inflammation, and continue to observe whether the cat’s mental state changes.blood in the vomit: Bright red blood may be bleeding from the esophagus cut by a foreign body, while dark red blood may be bleeding in the digestive tract. This is a serious situation, and the cause needs to be found out as soon as possible.

Abnormal shape of cat stool

soft stoolCat owners are no strangers to soft poop. Although the soft stool is formed, it is very watery and sticky, which is generally similar to that of a cat.indigestion related, often appearing during periods of different grain replacements. The protein ratio of the new food is different, the ingredients are difficult to digest, or the cat does not adapt to the new formula if the food is changed too quickly.longLong-term soft stools or even muddy stools may indicate a problem with the cat's digestive system, and a veterinarian should be consulted promptly.ConstipationIt can lead to decreased activity and loss of appetite in cats. Constipation is manifested by no bowel movements or a sudden decrease in the amount of bowel movements for 2-3 days. Cats are very anxious about holding their stomachs. Even if they pass a small amount of feces, they will deliberately pull them out of the litter box. Cats are afraid of eating, become emaciated, and their immunity is weakened. It is very important to find out the cause of constipation in cats. Occasionally constipation may be due to insufficient absorption of water and fiber, and more serious causes may be foreign body blockage, Hirschsprung disease or digestive organ problems.

the catDuring diarrhea and gastroenteritisLiquid stools will be discharged, in which case special probiotic conditioning flora containing Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis can be given. If the situation does not improve within a day, it is necessary to seek veterinary advice in time.blood in stool,Bright red bloody stools may be related to gastrointestinal bleeding and infection, while persistent dark red bloody stools may indicate problems with digestive organs, and imaging and ultrasound examinations are needed to find out the cause.

loss of appetite

The loss of appetite can be big or small. It may be that the cat is naughty and picky eaters. After a round of inspection, the veterinarian said that it was fake. However, comprehensive issues cannot be ignored. When feeding cats, you should control the amount and cycle of snacks to cultivate a good eating rhythm for cats. The editor believes that it is most suitable to feed cat food in three equal amounts, and feeding in a buffet style can easily develop the habit of overeating and picky eating in cats. In addition, for young cats, a new high-quality cat food can be changed every eight months. Long-term consumption of cat food with the same taste will affect the palatability, and different nutritional ratios can also enhance the cat's adaptability and help to train the "steel stomach". Loss of appetite may also be caused by anxiety, acute respiratory infection, indigestion, pancreas, liver and intestines and other organ problems, and may also be caused by foreign body blockage and difficulty swallowing. The owner needs to combine observation, adjustment and medical examination to determine the cause.

Scientific research shows that cats feel very low pain, such as cats become listless, loss of appetite, increased eye and nose secretions, which means that they are really uncomfortable and cannot take care of their appearance due to illness. In addition to using health care products to adjust according to different performances, the owner should also report the specific situation of the cat to the veterinarian in time.

Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

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