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Common Dog Health Issues During the Season Change

When the seasons change, it is most likely to induce physical problems in dogs, especially dogs with weak constitutions, congenital diseases or older dogs. They need more care from their owners, and take good care of them in all aspects to help them deal with the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

Respiratory problems frequently occur in dogs as the seasons change

Every year when the seasons change between spring, summer and autumn and winter, and the temperature drops sharply in winter, it is a period when dog respiratory diseases occur frequently. Common respiratory problems includecold,acute bronchitisandchronic bronchitis.

Cold Symptoms in DogsThese include runny nose, increased eye redness, increased eye mucus, frequent sneezing, and wet cough. Cold symptoms in dogs usually recover within 5-7 days. Add clothes for the dog to keep warm, wet the head with a hot towel, and massage the lymphatics to help recover from the cold. When the symptoms of a cold persist and do not improve, it is necessary to take the dog to the doctor to avoid developing serious diseases.

bronchitis in dogsIt is an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial or viral infection of the trachea, bronchial mucosa and surrounding tissues. It is divided into acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Symptoms of acute bronchitis include panting, shortness of breath, fever, and continuous coughing. Fever symptoms generally improve within 3-5 days, and cough symptoms generally improve within 3 weeks. If the dog coughs and expectorates for a long time, it is considered chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis can cause a dog to struggle to breathe, accompanied by a leaky whistle. Chronic bronchitis must seek medical treatment in time, otherwise it is likely to develop into pneumonia or even life-threatening. When the weather changes, the temperature drops suddenly, smog and dust, allergens are stimulated, and the dog’s immunity is low, bronchitis may recur, so it is very important to take measures to prevent bronchitis.

Prevention of Respiratory Diseases

When the temperature drops suddenly, the first thing to do is to keep warm. For example, prepare kennels and blankets for dogs to block the direct blowing air. For Yorkies, Chihuahuas and other dogs with thin fat layer and sparse hair, they can be dressed in light and breathable cotton clothes. When the dog feels cold, the body will tremble, and the ears will also become cold. The owner can judge whether to add clothes. There are more pollen in spring, so it is necessary to reduce the time of walking the dog outdoors and avoid strenuous exercise for the dog. During the transition season, dogs can be properly supplemented with high-quality protein, minerals and fiber to help improve respiratory immunity. Salmon, saury, blueberries, carrots, asparagus, and broccoli can enhance the ability to fight inflammation and prevent the onset of respiratory diseases. If the owner finds that the dog is suffering from bronchitis, he should consult a veterinarian in time to avoid delaying the condition. For dogs over 7 years old, it is recommended to have a detailed physical examination of the heart, lungs, and blood pressure every two years.

Seasonal Changes Cause Stomach and Digestive Problems in Dogs

The seasons are hot and cold, rainy and humid. Dogs with weak constitutions are easily targeted by gastrointestinal problems, become listless, and suffer from loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. The so-called disease comes from the mouth, the stomach and food are closely related, wet food and fresh ingredients are exposed to the air and deteriorate, dogs eat parasite eggs and bad bacteria at home or outdoors, and trivial daily details may cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs. In terms of diet, dogs can be fed pumpkin, carrots and apples in moderation. These foods can help prevent diarrhea and soft stools. In addition, catching cold will weaken the dog's immunity. When the weather turns cold, remember to prepare a small mat for the dog to prevent it from lying on the ground for a long time to absorb the cold. The dog's defecation status is a direct indicator of the gastrointestinal condition. If dark green or black stools continue to appear, or the stools are not formed, the poop shoveler should pay attention and observe more. Bacteria and mosquitoes breed during the changing seasons. You may wish to supplement your dog with probiotic products to regulate the stomach, and do a good job of deworming in the body.

Beware of Seasonal Dermatitis in Dogs

When the seasons change, the number of dog scratches becomes frequent, and skin problems such as dryness, dandruff, psoriasis and allergies may occur. Not only will it cause baldness and affect the appearance, the symptoms may also infect the whole body, and even spread to humans. The weather is humid, and small insects and bacteria grow in the grass. It is recommended to use a disposable wet wipe to clean the dog's hair after playing. Once the dog's hair is wet, it should be dried as soon as possible. On the one hand, it can prevent the dog from catching a cold, and on the other hand, it can prevent mold and bacteria from hiding. If you need to comb the dog more during the season change, add a spoonful of coconut oil or fish oil to 30ml of drinking water, spray it on the surface of the hair and then comb it, which can help relieve skin itching. Foods like oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, seaweed, and sardines also help moisturize the skin and protect the barrier.

During the transition season, not only should dogs follow good living habits, but also pay attention to nutritional supplements to enhance immunity and resist respiratory, gastrointestinal and skin problems. The Gogo Herbs pet column provides a comprehensive pet health care program. Our veterinary team strictly selects safe and healthy products to help dogs cope with seasonal transition problems, such as: canned chicken and barley for adult dogs, high-quality ingredients are scientifically combined to make nutritious dishes that can supplement nutrition , to protect the dog's immune system, muscles, hair and digestive function. PAW – Pet Moisturizing and Restoring Hair Mist with lavender and jojoba aroma (for adult dogs only), mild alcohol-free formula, can moisturize skin and hair, relieve itching, and emit natural fragrance. If you want to know more about products and scientific pet breeding information, please contact us via Whatsapp+852 5483 0695.

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