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How to make cats have healthy and shiny coat?

A body of soft, fluffy, and smooth hair is one of the cute tricks cats use to capture humans. People can't help rubbing their little heads and stroking them gently to express their intimate love. The appearance of pet hair has a lot to do with health. Today, GGH will share with you some secrets to improve the state of pet hair.


See pet health from hair

The beautiful and fluffy hair not only brings a lovely appearance, but also intuitively reflects the physical condition of the pet. Healthy hair should be full, clean, shiny, smooth and well-groomed, with a low odor. Cats spend half of their day licking and cleaning their hair. The state of their hair largely reflects the pet’s skin condition and the health information carried by its saliva. The owner often interacts with cat grooming on weekdays, observes the state of pet hair, and can better understand the health status of pets.


Common Hair Conditions and Related Health Issues

  • Cat hair thinning, bald

The change of season is also the time for cats to shed their hair, and the amount of hair shedding will be more than usual. However, when the cat has visible thinning hair, or even partial baldness, it may mean that the pet is suffering from long-term malnutrition (unbalanced), infection of skin diseases such as tinea felis, insufficient sunlight, or emotional problems. Emotional problems manifest as Cat's wary behavior and excessive frequent licking.


  • Greasy or Waxy Sticky Cat Hair

When the cat's hair feels too greasy and sticky, you can poke the roots of the hair to check for dense black spots or even black spots, especially pay attention to the neck, chin and tail. Carefully inspect your pet's body hair for sticking. If the above situation occurs, it means that the cat has excessive oil secretion. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether there is a parasitic infection, and on the other hand, it is necessary to check whether the cat has normal hair cleaning due to trauma or pain.


  • messy cat hair

Dry and knotted cat hair may indicate that your pet lacks nutrients and vitamins, especially middle-aged and elderly cats whose absorption capacity is weakened and additional nutrients are needed. If the intake of DHA/EPA/Omega-3 is increased, deep-sea fish oil health products can be regularly added to daily feeding. In addition, check whether the nutrient ratio of the pet food is balanced, whether the protein content of the meat meets the standard, and add compound vitamin tablets and high-quality lean red meat supplementary food in an appropriate amount. Many cats will be picky eaters. On the one hand, it is necessary to control the frequency of giving pet biscuits, cat strips and other pet snacks, increase the canned staple food to change the taste, and add freeze-dried to increase the palatability of the staple food. It is better for cats to take a bath 1-2 times a year, especially in autumn and winter, frequent bathing will damage the skin oil barrier, causing redness, itching, dandruff and other skin problems, you can use cleansing wipes to clean the dirt on the hair.


  • Unusual cat hair smell

Cats with underdeveloped sweat glands should not have strong body odor. When the smell of rotten food appears on the cat, the excrement shoveler needs to observe whether the baby has periodontal and oral problems, or whether there is gastrointestinal discomfort. If there is an ammonia smell on the hair, commonly known as the smell of urine, it is necessary to observe whether the fur child has loss of appetite and abnormal urination, which are signals related to kidney health.


Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

Gogo Herb's scientific pet education column strives to continuously refine and improve the health and quality of life of pets. We have selected a variety of nutrition and health products that meet the needs of pets at different stages. They are Hong Kong-made products developed by professional Chinese veterinarians and approved by Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Medicine. Atractylodes macrophylla 3 kinds of pure natural Chinese medicines can improve the immunity of cats, resist the invasion of external viruses and bacteria, regulate the spleen and stomach, enhance appetite and absorption. The body is strong, the cat is lively and happy, and the hair is naturally beautiful and shiny.

Pet health not only requires adequate and balanced nutrition, but also depends on the owner's careful care and observation of the pet's performance. If you encounter any problems in the shopping mall, please contact the health consultant via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695, our medicine and nutrition experts will provide you with professional and considerate services.

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