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How to make complementary food that cats like?

Owning a cat is the fastest way to be promoted to the official position. Cats not only enliven the atmosphere of life, but also provide priceless companionship. The owner spent huge sums of money on toys and carefully made supplementary food to keep the cat healthy and happy. While some foods are cat-friendly, others can be deadly. GGH will share some knowledge about cat supplementary food, so that cats can eat happily and at ease.

The picky eaters of cats are definitely at the level of "God of Cookery" in the animal world, ranging from the taste of cat food to the freeze-dried shape and meat of cat strips. The excrement shoveler spent most of the day working hard to make a meal for cats. The cat sniffed it, scratched its paws twice, and then ran away. It couldn’t find it when it hid. It was as big as a gas tank and could support it from looking for food all day long. . Homemade fresh food is inconvenient to preserve, and the excrement shoveler looked at the wasted effort in the bowl, leaving a face full of astonishment. Since cats are picky eaters, of course we have to find out what they like to eat.

Cat's preferred food status

Cats have a special liking for specific foods. We have integrated a number of cat petting guides from senior excrement shovelers to help you reach the top of the list of complementary foods that cats love. Types of food cats like:

First place: Chunks of crispy chicken breast freeze-dried

Human-like wafers, with a crispy texture and concentrated meaty aroma. The large pieces are easy to chew, which satisfies the nature of cats who have a small bite force but like to bite.

Second place: mushy food

Represented by semi-liquid food such as cat strips, it is in line with the habit of cats licking and eating.

Third place: Tender shredded pork

Choose fat and thin chicken breasts, boil them and tear them into thin shreds, which is easy for cats to swallow, and it is not easy to vomit due to eating too fast.

Fourth place: Sliced meat such as fat beef and fat sheep has a soft structure and is easy for cats to tear apart. Pulling the sliced meat can stimulate their enthusiasm for eating.

Fourth place: jelly jelly, many canned hydrating snacks on the market are jelly texture, wrapped in natural food attractants tuna, shrimp, shellfish and boiled carrots, peas, cats love to eat. The excrement shoveler can also use isinglass, pigskin, and gelatin sheets to make hydrating jelly at home.

Whole young poultry: Young quail and other poultry are connected by bone and meat. After being cooked, the bones are soft, the internal organs are rich, and the gravy is delicious. Cats can easily bite it.

The fifth sweet vegetable and fruit: cats like broccoli, zucchini, sweet potato, radish, papaya, durian, dragon fruit and other fruits and vegetables with high sweetness.

cats hate food status

The first place: dry and hard food, cats really can't bite the dried fish, and they are not interested.

The second place: Chaikou's meat, such as lump lamb and duck, boiled chicken breast and soup dregs. Although the soup residue is nutritious and healthy, cats probably disdain to eat woody and tough meat, and need to use a cooking machine to make it again.

Third place: Solid food submerged in water. Cats don’t know how to eat utensils, so they have to lick the water before eating food. After drinking the water, they already feel full, which affects eating.

The fourth place: slippery and fine particle food such as steamed eggs. Cats mainly rely on licking to get involved in food. They do not have the function of sucking and slipping, so it is very laborious to eat.

Freshwater fish: It is a myth that cats like to eat fish. Freshwater fish is spiny and has a strong earthy smell. Domestic cats who have been living on granular dry food since childhood do not like to eat it.

New types of food: cats are sensitive and suspicious by nature, and think that everything they have never eaten is dangerous. The excrement shoveler can try to stuff a small piece into the cat's mouth, and the cat will eat automatically after tasting the delicacy in the world. This is how my cat loves to eat durian.

Overnight ingredients: wild genes can accurately identify stale food and express disgust.

Foods Cats Can Eat

A balanced diet requires a mix of meat and vegetables, and cats are pure carnivores, so cat food and meat should be the main food at ordinary times, and the intake of vegetables and fruits should be within 5% of the staple food. Intake of fruits and vegetables can supplement vitamins and minerals, enhance gastrointestinal motility, reduce food accumulation, and regulate stool status. After all, cats do not like to eat vegetables, so they can be mixed with eight servings of meat and one serving of vegetables.

Healthy food for cats with good palatability

Meat: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, rabbit, venison, baby quail, turkey, beef (it is recommended to feed a small amount for the first feeding, to test for allergies)

Seafood: salmon, tuna, sardines, saury, fresh shrimp, oysters, shellfish

Fruits: pumpkin, carrot, tomato, zucchini, gherkin, eggplant, sweet potato

Leafy vegetables: broccoli, spinach, greens, kale, lettuce, celery, lettuce

Veggies in strips: green beans, asparagus, cat grass, corn

Foods that cats should never eat:

Onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, peppers, onions

Commonly used cooking methods for cat food

Cat food supplements can be made by boiling, steaming, frying and baking. Common food supplements include fresh shredded pork, dried crispy shredded pork, minced meat mousse, steamed meat patties, meatballs, and sliced meat. For cooking oil, use unsalted butter, coconut oil, or tallow.

Recommended Cat Recipes

Creamy Seared Salmon

Preparation materials: 10g asparagus, 10g cherry tomatoes, 40g raw salmon, appropriate amount of unsalted butter

Method: Blanch and cook asparagus and small tomatoes separately, then cut into small strips for later use. Melt the butter over medium heat, add the salmon and fry until cooked through, and finally add the diced vegetables and stir fry. Remove the bones from the salmon and let it cool to room temperature before feeding.

Chicken and Vegetable Meatballs

Preparation materials: 250g chicken thigh, 6g cauliflower, 6g sweet potato, appropriate amount of cream.

Method: Cook the cauliflower and sweet potato, cut into small pieces and set aside. Puree the chicken in a food processor, beating vigorously to squeeze out excess water. Mix the minced chicken with the small vegetables and form into balls. Cream the meatballs on both sides and fry until golden brown on both sides. Pour a small amount of water into the pot and cook for 5 minutes.

Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

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