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How to develop a cute personality in dogs?

Pets are a good way to relieve stress. When you get home and are warmly welcomed by dogs, the fatigue of the day will disappear. Happy fur kittens interact more actively with their owners and provide better emotional support. Furry children have different personalities, and they also need our company and love. GGH will share with you the article on how to develop a dog's personality.

Research led by the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Massachusetts in the United States pointed out that each dog is an independent individual, and their personality is different from the stereotype of the breed. The process of raising pets is very similar to educating children. There are some habits and needs in dog genes, which can also be called population nature, which can help us understand dogs, guide them, and cultivate their good living habits.

dog nature

  • Leader consciousness

Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals. They have a clear hierarchy in their genes and show obedience and loyalty to the leader of the pack. When raising dogs, it is necessary to establish authority, formulate rules, and stipulate the dog's exclusive space and restricted areas in the home. Improve obedience by punishing and rewarding skill feedback for what dogs can and cannot do.

  • good food

Dogs like to eat very much, so there are often dangerous incidents of swallowing small toys such as "little yellow ducks" by mistake. Rewarding your dog for good behavior with treats and jerky can help train your dog on command tasks.

  • like to bite

Bite is part of a dog's hunting instinct. It often happens that dogs gnaw on objects at home because they are bored alone at home. In addition, when puppies grow teeth, they will also relieve itching by biting furniture and molars. The valuables at home must be put away. Once the dog is found to be biting the furniture, it should be punished in time. The natural spray on the market has an odor that dogs don't like. Spraying it on sofa furniture can prevent dogs from biting. The excrement shoveler should buy chewing toys for dogs and cultivate the habit of dogs chewing toys.

  • like to chew

Dogs like the taste of big bones. Bone-shaped molar sticks, cucumbers, carrots, etc. have a crunchy taste and are good reward snacks.

  • Love the wide open space

Dogs are lively and active, and the wide outdoor space allows them to run and stretch to their heart's content. Perceiving outdoor things and animals can also satisfy their abundant curiosity. Dogs look forward to the time of the day when they go out for a walk with their owners.

6. Wisdom and judgment

A dog's intelligence is manifested in its protective nature, ease of training, and ability to solve problems on its own. A research report pointed out that adult dogs can understand 100-150 words and gestures, and their IQ can be developed to the level of two to two and a half years old children. After systematic training, dogs can also master skills such as skateboarding, addition and subtraction, playing video games, and shopping.

dog's character

Enthusiastic extrovertThe dog is energetic and full of curiosity. After going out, he runs wildly to walk the owner all the way. He is overly enthusiastic about passers-by and often demolishes the house. Extroverted dogs should be trained in behavior to avoid trouble caused by excessive jumping.

introverted dogQuiet and reserved, keeping a distance from people and other dogs. Some dogs have been bullied by other people or dogs during their growth, and have developed a timid personality. The excrement shoveler should encourage them to participate in outdoor activities, contact with dogs and people, and gradually build up the dog's sense of security.

Acting cuteThe dog often looks at the owner with watery eyes, begs for food and goes out to play. It always sticks to the owner. It is a proper heart-warming little padded jacket.

dog revenge,When the dog is stopped by the owner, grasped and controlled, or stepped on by mistake, instead of walking away but barking, the weapon is waiting for an opportunity to retaliate, and the dog must be corrected and groomed in time.

Aggressive Behavior:Dogs baring their teeth and even biting the excrement shoveler can pose a danger to pregnant women and young children. Dogs who are aggressive towards their owners are usually abused and attacked as they grew up. It is recommended to adopt a reward and punishment mechanism. When the dog behaves well, touch his head more and reward snacks. If there is an angry aggressive behavior, the owner should issue a stop order, isolate him, provide food and water as usual, and ignore him. After the dog recovers, touch and stroke it tentatively to gradually build trust and correct the overreaction. Dogs with severe aggressive behavior need to seek help from a professional pet trainer.

happy dog expression

Friendly and friendly, full of curiosity about new things, lively and playful. It often wags its tail happily. At home, it likes to rub its head against the owner, touch the owner with its paws, and lick the owner's face. The sleeping position is very casual.

Activities to strengthen your relationship with your dog

Regular outdoor activities to get in touch with more people and animals can make dogs move freely and improve their mood. Interactive games can make both the dog and the owner happy, and can also improve the dog's obedience and mutual understanding.

walk the dog every day

Interactive games: catching a frisbee, hitting a balloon

Handshake and sit down command training

Invite your dog friend to a birthday party

Make food supplements with dogs: Dogs will definitely feel caring when they watch the owner make food from ingredients.

Dogs' personalities are influenced by their owners, and as we devote time and energy to educating our dogs, it also gives us the opportunity to examine ourselves. Gogo Herbs cares about the physical and mental health of dogs and is committed to researching scientific pet care solutions. We select safe dog products for you, such as PAW, a sub-brand of BLACKMORES, a well-known Australian health care product, and launch a variety of dog-specific cleaning products to meet the needs of cleaning and skin care. For the needs of medical and hair restoration, the formula is mild and targeted to solve the skin and hair problems of dogs. Gogo Herbs strives to achieve local online shopping and instant delivery. If you have any questions during shopping, please contact us via Whatsapp+852 5483 0695.

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