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milk thistle

Milk thistle (Milk thistle) is a herb belonging to the genus Milk thistle. It has the title of "Patron of the Liver". The main medicinal ingredient of milk thistle is silymarin - a kind of flavonoid, which can resist oxidation, anti-fibrosis and control inflammation of the liver . According to multiple studies, milk thistle can help prevent drug-induced liver damage, protect liver function, or help stabilize blood lipid levels, reduce the risk of obesity-related long-term diseases, prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver and other liver diseases, and help the liver Detoxification and metabolism, help support, maintain and regenerate healthy liver cells, and provide protection for working people who eat irregular meals.

Taking milk thistle by mouth is generally considered safe and effective, but side effects may occur, including headache, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, musculoskeletal pain, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Pregnant women, lactating women, those who are allergic to goldenrod plants, and patients with hormonal sensitivity should avoid taking it.

Milk thistle provides antioxidant protection for the liver and aids in detoxification, especially important for the liver and digestive system. Gogo Herbs health products store selects a variety of star-rated milk thistle health products, such asHolista – Extra Strong Liver Formula 240 Capsules, each softgel provides 150 mg of milk thistle, the extra-strong formula protects the liver from damage, supports the liver's natural detoxification function, and is especially suitable for urbanites who lack rest, drink alcohol, have poor eating habits, and stress.Charenda - Extra Strength Milk Thistle Heparin 45500 (with Kakadu Plum) 90 Capsules, can repair and protect liver cells from free radical damage, promote the metabolism of sugar, fat, and protein, help reduce fat accumulation, help liver detoxification, and prevent liver oxidative damage caused by alcohol or toxins.GNC – Milk Thistle Liver Essence 1300mg 120 Tablets, contains natural high-concentration herbal extracts, high-efficiency antioxidant and liver protection, helps reduce fat accumulation, and helps liver detoxification. Gogo Herbs has selected a variety of milk thistle health products for everyone. If you encounter any problems when purchasing milk thistle health products, please contact Gogo Herbs customer service via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695.

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